Is Casey Thompson Leaving Dallas Permanently for Napa?

Last Friday, Brownstone’s Casey Thompson tweeted:

Putting an offer in on a space in Napa and a house all at the same time!

Does this mean that this former Top Chef contender from Fort Worth is permanently leaving the prairie for the vine-covered hillsides of Northern California? That she won’t be guest-mixing margaritas behind the Brownstone bar for much longer? Granted, the house she put an offer in on could be here in town, but it’s vague enough to have us guessing.

We’ve got calls out. Stay tuned for updates!


  • Hillbully

    Casey Thompson hasn’t lived in town for ages. She spends much more time managing her Napa restaurant than Ft. Worth. This is old news.

  • Susan

    She doesn’t have a restaurant in Napa, Hillbully. Get your facts straight.

  • DesignBoy

    But I did hear that she spends most of her time in SF.

  • Jeff

    She is opening a restaurant in CA as she has been living there this entire time as well. She has had a contract with brownstone for several months now that apparently asks her to only show her face once a month. I heard once her contract is up she can open her place.