Hubba Hubba. Carrie Keep From NOSH Goes to Hell With Gordon Ramsay

Carrie Keep from NOSH landed herself on Hell's Kitchen.

Look for local hottie, NOSH line cook Carrie Keep, on the upcoming season of Hell’s Kitchen, premiering on July 18. Keep is the latest in a long series of Dallas restaurant pros to throw themseves into the reality gristmill and is rumored to have made it to the finals (although that’s just foodie buzz rumor at this point). Show up at Nosh on Monday July 18 for the premier-watching party.

Her profile on the show’s site reads as such:

Name: Carrie Keep
Age: 31
Occupation: Pantry Chef (editor’s note:yes, it says pantry)
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Signature Dish: Chicken-Fried Rib Eye with Yukon Mashed Potatoes and White Truffle Cream Gravy