GO TEXAN Restaurant Roundup Week Starts July 25

The groovy folks at the Texas Agriculture Department really know how to throw a party. They also do a great job of promoting Texas food through their GO TEXAN program http://www.gotexan.org/. Each year they present a week-long celebration of Texas products by asking restaurants all over the state to create special fixed-price menus which consist of Texas products. The series of events, which runs from July 25-31, benefits local food banks.

Todd Staples, a man with a perfect last name for his job as Agriculture Commissioner, has this to say: “More chefs are working directly with farmers and ranchers to bring you fresh Texas food. The GO TEXAN Restaurant Round-Up is Texas’ only statewide dine-out week and is a great time to savor the best meats, vegetables, fruits and wines, while helping hungry Texans.”

The details are below.

Learn more about GO TEXAN Restaurant Round-Up on Facebook and Twitter, and at www.GOTEXANRestaurantRoundUp.com. This site also offers a chance to win prizes. Restaurants interested in becoming a GO TEXAN member can learn more at www.gotexan.org.

The following is a list of area Round-Up restaurants and their featured specials. These restaurants are donating part of their GO TEXAN Restaurant Round-Up proceeds to local food banks. A full listing of GO TEXAN restaurants is available here.


  • Monica

    I think the list is somewhat deceptive. It only shows two restaurants in Dallas. That may be the only two places participating in this particular benefit for the food bank, but aren’t there a lot of local restaurants that are sourcing ingredients locally?!
    I would like to see the GO TEXAN group highlight all restaurants that have made a commitment to buying Texas products first. Then, they could give special mention to the ones participating in the special meal/ benefit.

  • Monica, you can find GO TEXAN restaurants in Dallas on this search page by searching by city and choosing Dallas. Thanks for supporting restaurants serving local food and wine! Eric http://www.texasagriculture.gov/internet/gotexanrestaurant/search.jsp

  • Monica

    Thank you Eric. By doing that, I found 8 additional Dallas restaurants (not counting multiple locations of one chain). However, after looking at the site a bit more, I understand it is up to the restaurant to join the program and pay the ($25) annual membership fee.
    I just know there are so many great resaurants that are focusing on local ingredients. It would be great to see them recognized here.

  • We’re compiling a list of restaurants that source at least some of their ingredients locally, and so far have more than a dozen on our site. It’s not a comprehensive list so if anyone has suggestions, please let us know.

  • William

    Wow! Press release called to the mat. Good stuff,Monica!