Eat This Now: The “High in the Mountains” at Hypnotic Donuts in Dallas

Revenge is a dish best served cold, so are donuts, apparently.

In the history of time there are a few moments of brilliance that stand out in my mind.  Newton discovers gravity.  Galileo proclaims that the Earth revolves around the Sun.  Einstein develops the theory of relativity.  May I add one more?  James St. Peter decides to put a donut in the freezer.  You always thought the only good donuts were advertised behind a glowing neon “Hot Doughnuts Now” sign.  Well, you were wrong.  Mind, prepare to be blown.

You can’t stop reading now.

Nothing gets me more excited than scouting out the weekly specials conjured up by Mr. St. Peter, AKA the Mad Scientist of Donuts.  James knows no bounds when it comes to concocting this city’s most adventurous pastries.  But in my opinion, perhaps his finest creation yet is the stunningly beautiful “High in the Mountains.”  I drive nearly an hour…at 7 AM…on the weekend… for his donuts, and not once have I ever regretted it.

The “High in the Mountains” takes James’ delicately sweet and slightly sticky glazed donut, sliced in half, filled with creamy strawberry frosting and juicy sliced strawberries, and topped with more strawberry frosting and a drizzle of chocolate.  The entire thing is chilled and served cold.  I don’t really know all the magic that goes on behind closed doors to give this donut its wonderful flavor or textural profile, but the finished product is truly a work of art.  The strawberry and chocolate topping is slightly hardened yet the inside remains soft and smooth.  The donut itself and the strawberries remain incredibly fresh without even a hint of freezer-burn.

Nowadays, everyone is trying to find ways to “beat the heat.” People are really starting to lose their minds out there.  So, before you decide to cook and eat bacon in your car, take a trip back to reality and pick up a piece of real American ingenuity from Hypnotic Donuts.  Keep an eye on their Facebook page to see when this little gem rears its beautiful head again on the menu.  And perhaps, with enough gentle requests to James, we can see it  there a little more often.


  • Mark

    Not only is Hypnotic not in Addison, I’m pretty sure it’s not even in Dallas County.

    Based on your blog entry it appears you’ve visited several times. You really think that’s Addison? Or is “Addison” just code for “north of LBJ”?

  • Daniel Walker

    It was listed incorrectly in our directory, but we’ll make the necessary changes.

  • Jessica

    Mark, it’s not addison but it certainly is Dallas. I used to live just north of there and mailing address was Dallas.

  • Keren

    Yes, it is in North Dallas, very close to Addison, @ Preston and McCallum just no. of Campbell.

  • Mark


    I know where it is. I’m pretty sure it’s in Collin County. The county line is right about McCallum.

  • Amy B

    Here is the address: 17390 Preston Rd. Ste 263 Dallas, TX 75252

    They have no phone number and are actually sharing space (only Weekend Mornings) with the Pizza Guy.

    I love the concept of this business…plus the donuts are delicous & creative. I like the Canadian Healthcare: Maple Frosting & Bacon (great combo).

    It wasn’t mentioned, but their chicken bisquits are ridiculously good….I ate one of these while pregnant & like to think they named this heavenly combo after myself….

    Entitled, “Amy, Honey I Want One”- A piece of fresh chicken marinated for 24 hours & deep fried with bacon, honey, sw honey mustard and pickles ($6).