Brews News: Belgian Beer Week Wraps Up at the Moth with Red Velvet Waffles

As a tribute to Belgian Independence Week, Matt Quenette over at Meddlesome Moth has spent the week banging the drum of Belgian Beer, with the kitchen turning out some pretty memorable pairings to go along with each night’s featured ale. Tonight (Friday) and tomorrow night are the last of it. Tonight’s beer (Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence) is paired with red velvet waffles. Now, I ask you, could you have come up with that? If your answer is no, head over there as soon as possible after work today. If you answer was yes, come work for us!

jump for the the menu:

Tonight (Friday):

  • Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence with red velvet waffles
  • Blanche de Brussels with steamed mussels (ginger, Fresno, shiitake, scallion)

Tomorrow (Saturday):

  • Urthel Hop-it with pork confit over Thai broken rice
  • La Trappe Quad with Saint Andre Triple Cream and black plum-currant chutney