Vitality House Cafe Opens in Richardson With Flavorful Menu and Full-Time Nutritionist

My husband and I battle for the title of Biggest Loser in our house; our respective weights fluctuating by 10 percent on a monthly basis (this month, he’s ahead, or behind depending on how you look at it). To be honest, we’d be happy for some steadiness, but as we all know, end-of-school-year stress, travel, and general laziness do not a stable diet make. Lucky for us, Chefs Chris and Sandy Smith have opened the doors on Vitality House Cafe just down the block in Richardson. The married duo employs in-house nutritionist Kelly Crawford, and in-house fitness consultant Stephen Crawford to provide information, consultation and support to diners needing encouragement toward a healthy lifestyle. The place is only open for breakfast, lunch, and coffee at this point, so it’s not yet available for last-minute save-me-from-myself dinners, but here’s hoping. I’ll be back soon with the first-hand scoop. In the meantime, here’s what they have to say about their plan:

jump for the Vitality mission statement…

At Vitality House we offer delicious, flavorful, unique dishes that are nutritionally beneficial. Our mission is to make your journey for a healthy lifestyle a simple path to follow. With the collaboration of our first class Chefs and our in-house Nutritionist, the menus we present are designed to meet the highest nutritional standards. All of our dishes are pre-portioned and nutritionally analyzed so that the biggest decision to be made is which tasty creation you will chose to enjoy!

In addition, our Nutrition and Wellness Consultants are always available for your individual goal setting, meal planning, and fitness programming.

Vitality House offers the complete package for your well balanced, healthy lifestyle.


  • Kelly Crawford

    Vitality House is open for breakfast and lunch but we will be creating a take home menu for family size dinners in the very near future. Not only that…. We are also developing some pre-set meal plans that the VH chefs will prepare all of the meals for. Lots to come so keeping coming back! We greatly appreciate your support!
    – Kelly Crawford (Owner/Nutritionist)