Upate: Park on Henderson is Closing

Earlier I reported Park Restaurant was closing for renovations. That is true. However, they are closing Park and the renovations will result in a new restaurant. This email from owner Donald Chick:

“I wanted to let you know that we have decided to sell Park Restaurant and Bar Celine to the owners of Capitol Pub. Starting this Tuesday, Park will close for renovations and reopen later this summer as a new concept. Bar Celine will remain open for business during this time.

It has been a highly rewarding and memorable experience working with all of the talented individuals who made Park a reality. From the chefs to the service team to our customers, we are grateful for everyone’s contributions and hard work. We thank all those who were involved in the success of the restaurant.”

We look forward to the next generation of the space and believe it will be a great addition to the Henderson community.

I call that a bummer. Somebody invite me to the fixtures auction.


  • The critic

    Might the closing be due to inconsistent food quality ?

  • Just J

    Last went there 6 weeks ago. Worst dining experience this year from food to service. Someone stopped caring and this place was at the point of no return. Look forward to the next best thing taking its place.

  • lemmonhead

    i never like to see a local business fail but Park was ill-conceived from the start. the interior was about the only thing that was “on”.

    the food, cocktails, service (which i rarely ever make anything about) were all half-assed and trying to be more than what they were.

    didnt the owner get on a blog and berate a poor review too?

    oh well. as simplistic as Capitol Pub is, it works.

  • J

    Seriously, how can you screw up the best shell and interior in Dallas? This place was built perfectly. I just don’t get why they didn’t match the food to the look..it screams fresh light food and all they ever served was heavy foods. Just never got the food concept. Park should have been the biggest hit in 10 years.. Sad.

  • J, I’m with you. I could move into that space and live there. Love the Beverly Hills wall paper and the long table and both outdoor areas.

  • Glenn Campbell

    No Marc Cassel = No Bueno.

  • dbc

    As always….starts at the top. Donald Chick doesn’t have much experience running restaurants, and he sank A LOT of money into Park with no end game. I feel horrible for all the people who are now jobless in one of the toughest seasons for restaurants.

  • Timmy

    Upate!! Upate!!

  • BillBigD


  • HMM

    @dbc/lemmonhead – – agreed!!!!!so true

  • tb

    I completely disagree about the food. I really loved the place. Went there last night, and had an utterly satisfying, unpretentious meal. And I completely agree about how it’s finished out. It’s so clever and so perfect; I feel like I just hopped of a Braniff flight whenever I’m there.

  • BG

    Loved the food, decor is irrelevant. I wish the new chef had time to turn the place around. Why would the owner hire a new chef when he must have been trying to sell the place already? Way to screw with people’s lives.

  • Jim

    Anyone know what will happen to my Groupon for Park? Them having to do a Groupon was probabily a bad sign too…

  • Jill

    Yea, I have a groupon there also…what will happen?

  • I did love their Marsha Marsha Marsha cocktail…..

  • Margaret

    call groupon 1.877.788.7858 (found it through google, easy) The restaurant has been sold (if you read the letter from the owner above) it did not close under bankruptcy. I don’t think them selling a groupon 6 months ago has anything to do with that. Jeez, you people are MEAN!!!!!

  • Annie

    I love the “idea” of Park and they had an AMAZING atmosphere. But awkward hours/overly priced food and slow service kept me from re-visiting this spot and I live in the neighborhood. RIP Park – hope something killer opens in its shell.

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  • Margaret

    It is weird seeing another Margaret on here.