Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Italian Beef Sandwich in Dallas

I found this request in the comments section of an old post. I think it deserves your attention.

Does Dallas have a good Italian Beef sandwich like Mr. Beef in Chicago? Thank you.


  • DarnellErwinFletcher

    Old World Sausage Co., Dallas Farmers Market.

    Jimmy’s makes one as well, but not as good as OWSC.

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  • edtex

    Weinberger’s Deli in Grapevine has a really good one.

  • Justin

    Rosetti’s (maybe Rosatti’s) in McKinney is the real deal. They even do the pizza right as well. Love it.

  • b

    It’s real easy. If the question is “Where can I get a good Italian ______ in Dallas?”, the answer is always Jimmys.

  • yeah…um

    try the Gotham Kitchen sandwich at Eno’s…Holy Schnikes its good…

  • Todd From the NW Burbs

    Eddie’s Deli, SE corner of Abrams & NW Hwy is hands down better than old world and nudges jimmy’s at the wire. tough to find, and don’t go craving a combo. the past few times i been there he didn’t have any saasage.

  • Jimmy’s. Go for the Cuban sandwich and pick up some italian beef while you’re waiting.

  • Jason

    I second Weinberger’s….without question the best sandwich location in the metro.

  • All of the Above.

    The Dog Stop in Richardson has a mean beef AND a combo. Chi-dog and maxwell st. polish are pretty damn good, too.

  • As others have said Wienbergers on Main St. in Grapevine is where to get this thing at. It’s a Chicago style Deli and if you’ve never been then you are missing out. You have to order it wet and then you get the option of spicy or sweet.

  • Christian

    First and foremost, I will tell you that I lived in Chicago for three years and consider myself an italian beef connoisseur. I travel back to Chicago quarterly for work and every single time I have an italian beef.

    The website you have listed above for “Mr. Beef” is not the website for the original Mr. Beef on Orleans.

    If you want a beef like Mr. Beef, Al’s or Portillo’s, you will not find it at Eddie’s (mentioned in a prior post). The beef is chewy, lacks flavor, and the gardienara they serve is straight from a grocery store jar. There just isn’t anything authentic about it.

    I have yet to try anywhere else that is mentioned above. Will update once I do.

  • Christian

    SPOILER ALERT – I had the Gotham sandwich at Eno’s…absolutely horrible. It is nothing close to an original Chicago Italian Beef. First, the beef is cut very thick. It might as well be a roast beef sandwich. Secondly, the au jus is tasteless. However, the roll is dynamite. Two thumbs DOWN…