Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Entertaining Out-of-Town Clients

She’s a busy gal and needs your help.

We’re flying in our top clients in August for an event, and I’ve been tasked with finding a venue for after-dinner drinks. It’s a medium sized group, probably about 15 people, and we want something upscale and unique, and preferably private or semi-private. I was thinking something like the rooftop at Tei-An, but I worry about the sweltering heat. Any thoughts?

Restaurants, here’s your chance to shine.


  • aria

    Five Sixty could be fun and a neat view of the city (in air conditioning).

  • I believe that if you contact the Library Bar at Warwick Melrose Hotel in advance they can reserve a portion of the room for your party, making it semi-private. If you are going to be there Monday-Saturday, they have live music — you could even request some of your client’s favorite songs (again, with advance notice.) Email the bar manager, Justin Sherman — [email protected].

  • Amy S

    Nana has a much better view of Dallas’ skyline than Five Sixty. I believe the lounge has a piano, comfortable couches, the Crow art collection lining the hallways. If you haven’t ever been, go check it out. It’s Dallas at it’s coolest.

  • Semi-Loyal SideDish-er

    Details lacking: when are these clients due in? If they’re here on Thursday through Saturday, go to PM Nightlife Lounge, which is inside The Joulle Hotel.

    PM Nightlife Lounge
    [email protected]

  • Jane

    Amy S, I so agree!

  • Downtownist

    Agree w/ Five Sixty recommendation. Haven’t been to Nana.

    Re PM, I’d consider your clients first. PM is beautiful, but it also has a bordello feel to it. It’s very, very sexy.

    I like the Library, too, but the cheese factor can be high (piano lounge covers of Nirvana, anyone?). Also, I guess being in a hotel, the crowd can be a lot more casual than you might see in other spots. I have seen jorts there. And cougars. Lots and lots of cougars.

  • andrew chalk

    Flying them in from where?

  • cbs

    Nana is a solid recommendation

    But for Dallas, I’d still throw out Al B’s. Secure the front room and you’ll have the atmosphere + privacy.

    Other spots with good private rooms- Dragonfly and Perry’s.

  • Poor Girl

    Thank you everyone for the suggestions so far!!! @Karla -they arrive on August 16th and depart on the 17th, so the venue will be needed on Tuesday evening 8/16. @Andrew – They are from all areas of the country, and some from overseas. Quick turnaround for our international flyers!

  • Jason

    It may be a little hot but I’m a bit partial to the Patio Bar at the Belmont Hotel. If your dinner reso’s aren’t set in stone yet, having dinner at Smoke would be a pretty good welcome To DFW, Texas.

    I do like Nana though…Bar service can be very spotty however.

    The new Marquee Grill is VERY solid and it would be very impressive to tell your clients the background of Tre and Jason.

  • DNighter

    When we have high end clients come in, there are only a few nightspots that have a world class feel without being another hotel bar.

    Candle room is very nice, upscale lounge and has been around forever. There are plenty of great restaurants within walking distance. Always a good time…

    PM Lounge is also good if you’re down town.

    As for hotel bars that are cut above the rest…The Mansion, ZaZa and Melrose are the best choices in my humble opinion.

  • Andrew chalk

    Fearings or the Mansion Bar.

  • Rebross

    Nana is good, and the art work is unbelievable. You may also want to consider Nick and Sam’s or The Rattlesnake Bar at The Ritz – the people watching can’t be beat! Also like the PM Lounge at Joulle. The Place at Perry’s has a good happy hour and atmosphere.

  • DGirl

    I just took visiting Austrians around the city and they loved The Mansion – live entertainment some nights. If you get luck with weather, the Terrace is gorgeous, esp. at night. The hige oak trees have copper lanterns from San Miguel de Allende hanging from them. Really pretty.

  • Poor Girl, Erik Barnes should be playing after 7 p.m. that Tuesday night — he has played for many celebs, and would be wonderful to your guests. Why don’t you check with Justin about going into The Library for a dry run…

    DNighter — Thank you.

    Downtownist, come back into The Library, and just tell our entertainers what you’d like to hear. They have such an amazing range, they can play everything from Bach to Beyonce.

  • Elizabeth

    Bijoux’s private room is ideal for entertaining business associates in an upscale, uber secluded venue.

  • Kelly

    I agree with Nana and Rattlesnake bar, the patio at Fearing’s is nice too.