Somebody Help These Poor Fans: Miami Heat

They’ve been Dirked! Dallas is about to host a few fans from Miami Heat fans. Shall we tell them where to go eat?


  • Bethany

    Let them eat Spring Creek.

  • jane

    I would just recommend a margarita to wash down that BURN they got last night.

  • littleloo

    Since the cool kids from Miami will probably be staying at the ZaZa let them eat at Dragonfly!! LOL

  • I don’t know of anyplace that serves crow with a side of shame.

  • Jeannie

    Send them you douche bar list. They’ve been douched by Dirk ! Go Mavs!

  • Keith

    Surely there is a Pancho’s open someplace they could go eat at.

  • Scott

    Heart Attack grill

  • Denny’s now has unlimited pancakes for $4.00

    Heck of a deal

  • Golfnfashion

    I hear Chili’s has baby back ribs.

  • Dwayne Wade

    The Commissary.

  • Real 305 Roll Call

    It will be tough since Miami cuisine is vastly superior. Seriously, how much Tex Mex can you eat. A good steak house is easy to come by. Try a really good Italian, sea food, Caribbean or Latin American restaurant in Dallas?