Sacred Cellars is Closed. Sacred Cigars is Open.

Where to find sacred cigars in Snider Plaza.

Silly me, I just noticed Sacred Cellars is no longer a cellar. I contacted owner Rudy Ced and asked him what was happening. He said:

I stopped ordering wine for my inventory around Oct 2010. In Nov 2010 I opened Sacred Cigars inside Snider Plaza. I sold all my wine in order to fund this new venture. Wine was fun and enjoyable, but extremely difficult to make any money at. Cigars are a better business model, more fun and I have a better location and more capacity to grow business wise.

Well said, Ced.


  • Jimmy Contreras

    While he is a business savvy person, he is also extremely knowledgeable in both cigars and wine. Sacred Cellars was one of my go to wine shops and now Sacred Cigars is my go to cigar stop.
    Although, I would argue the more fun part.

  • Twinwillow

    Sacred Cellars was great fun while it lasted. Without a doubt, the most fun wine store in Dallas. I wish you the best of luck, Rudy.

  • bluebird

    “Well said, Ced.” – zing!

  • Russell

    Really? The cigar think is so 2000. Businss acumen questioned.

  • cbs

    Sory to see SC go. Great wines, great prices, great people…HORRIBLE location.

  • Bill

    Cigars? What is this, 1998?

    “Cigars are a better business model”…spoken like a true businessman.

    The state comptroller will eventually catch up with this horse trader.

  • Tobias

    1998? yeah I guess a high end luxury item business is wayyyyyyy to old school. Maybe he should have opened a new age idea like… a taco shop. Numb nuts.

  • Bill

    One only needs a 15 minute visit to a lakeside restaurant in Rockwall to realize that cigars are not “high end luxury items”. The cigar fad died with your haircut, Toby.

    *ask the Good2Go Taco girls about their monthly ledger sometime*