Reader With Many Questions: In-N-Out, Dough, Italian Restaurant in Preston Royal

I’m on deadline today so I thought it would be the perfect time to spend an hour researching the questions sent in by a semi-loyal SideDish reader. She asks:

Nancy — could you please clarify the In-n-Out locations coming to Dallas??  There have been reports that one is going up on Midway and LBJ (mainly from the Preston Hollow blog) but that wouldn’t make sense if there is one going up at LBJ and Coit too — can you clarify on sidedish?  Also- any update on Dough or the restaurant going up on the Popolos space?

I’m on it. I know Dough is delayed. I’ve seen In-N-Out signs at Beltline @Tollroad and Montfort @LBJ. Popolos space will be Italian. Be back soon with more. If you’ve seen In-N-Out signs, report below. If you have other questions, feel free to send them to me. (My editor, Timmy, will love reading this.)

UPITTY DATE: Well, welcome to the real-time world of restaurant reporting. I contacted every entity above more than 24 hours ago. After another round of calls, here is what I’ve got.

This note from In-N-Out:

Hi Nancy,

Thank you for your email.  Here are the sites that are currently under construction:

7940 N. Central Expressway.Dallas, TX 75206; 7909 LBJ Freeway Dallas, TX  75251; 2900 West 7th Street Fort Worth, TX  76107; 1075 West I-20 Arlington, TX  76017; 6501 North MacArthur Blvd. Irving, TX  75039. Thanks again for your interest in In-N-Out Burger.

She wouldn’t confirm sites with signs, only those under construction. Whatevs, growing weary of chasing burger joints.

Old Popolos Space: Rustic Italian with chef Kevin Ascolese to open the 3rd week of August. NO NAME YET. It will not be Ferre.

Dough Pizzeria Napoletana: Will open in Preston Forest  mid-July.


  • Bethany

    There is definitely one coming to Midway and LBJ – you can see the work in progress.

  • Keith

    I saw the sign for in-n-out at Midway and 635.. on the South West Corner.

  • A.D.

    Another In-n-Out coming to Las Colinas at McArthur and Royal, they’ve had signs and people working on it regularly.

  • Loopy

    And there is one at lbj and coit too– I wonder why they are building 2 so close on lbj. What’s the delay at Dough??

  • Semi-Loyal SideDish-er

    In-N-Out Locations:

    P.S. Eat the food there!!! I made the mistake of hauling my happy arse from Downtown to Allen, but waited ’til I got back down to Dallas to eat it. I was unimpressed, and have been scolded by all loyal In-N-Out brethren with, “You were supposed to eat it there!!!”

  • Robie

    The two LBJ locations may seem close but when you figure in LBJ’s traffic they are actually about three days apart.

  • JC

    There is definitely one coming at Coit and LBJ. I drove by last night. It’s on the north side of 635 on the access road. In n Out sign coming soon is out front. Looks like they still have quite a bit of work to do though.

  • Robie

    We need one in Plano. Park and Preston would be a good spot.

  • sc

    there have been signs just south of
    Caruth Haven and 75 for a while now..

  • Loopy

    The caruth haven location seems like a really bad spot– hard to get to, bad parking and not visible from the expressway.

  • sc

    @loopy the chick-fil-a does just fine in that spot a couple of doors down. they have lines of cars out onto the access road during lunch and dinner every day.

  • SEmi-loyal, thanks for the link but that doesn’t have all of the planned Dallas/FW locations. Still waiting for return from INO in Cal. I could reach the Pope faster.

  • Loopy

    Along the same lines, if central market on royal is going to open in November, then they have a lot of work to do in 5 months! What do you know about that Nancy?

  • Mike

    Dough has a sign on it that they are conducting preliminary interview June 20 or sometime like that.

  • Loopy, thanks for the diversion. I’ll get right on that!

  • HK

    INO sign is up at 635 and Midway… Rumor is Ferre going in the former Popolos space, NN?

  • runDMC

    Popolos spot was taken by Columbo so Ferre, Sfuzzi, etc who cares?

    In ‘n Out at Caruth Haven is nearly open. Outside is finished and painted. And yes, that frontage road will be a mess given the popularity of all the joints along there.
    I have heard that the INO will be accessed thru the back, off Greenville Ave.

  • I work next door to the Central/Caruth Haven location (7940 N. Central Expressway.Dallas, TX 75206). Over the weekend, they made MAJOR progress – painted the building & landscaped. I also found on Craiglist where they were interviewing for employees on June 9th, so I have a feeling this location could be open maybe even in July.

    That location will do well, IMO, as that Chick-fil-a next door is one of the top 3 Chick-fil-a’s in the entire country. They have 2 drive-throughs are both are packed morning, noon & night.

    I also agree that Park & Preston in Plano would be a good location.

  • SJW

    Nancy — you’re the best. Thanks for the updates.