• irodguy

    Actually over a month ago if you read

  • Twinwillow

    Duh! I wonder why?

  • Wylie H.

    I’m kind of surprised that quasi-scam lasted as long as it did. I would have thought Neiman’s would have dumped them a long time ago.

  • Neal has been all over Noka for years, judging from this link: In fact, they were a bit obsessive. One post is entitled “What’s Noka Worth? (Part 10)”, so you get the idea.

    I was in Japan last year and saw Noka chocolate boutique (as they called it) in an upscale shopping center in Tokyo. They proudly touted their product as the “most expensive chocolate in the world” and for that reason alone I was sure the ultra label-conscious Japanese, even in the midst of an endless, miserable, grinding recession (think America ten years from now), would buy it by the truckload. Maybe they did, but it still wasn’t enough.