New Ethiopian Restaurant in Dallas? That Gives Us a Solid (and Lucky) 13.

Just in case you missed it in our current issue, we took a couple pages to declare our love for all things Ethiopian in Dallas. BBQ expert, Daniel Vaughn, wrote to me just now with the following tip:

I was looking through the recent CO’s for the City of Dallas and found that a new Ethiopian place has received their certificate of occupancy. Not sure if they’re open yet.

Sheba’s Ethiopian Kitchen
8989 Forest Ln. (NW Corner of Forest and Greenville)

Now Dallas has 13…

I feel a drive-by sleuthing coming on.


  • Wasn’t it Tiffany Derry that said Dallas had very few if any Ethiopian restaurants (season 7 Epi 8)?

  • The do tend to come and go, change names, not answer the phone. But they’re definitely there.

  • I’m amazed that the BBQ snob has time to browse the CO’s for the city of Dallas… that man must not sleep!

  • Rob – I must check monthly to make sure no BBQ joints open without me knowing. I also check FW, and sometimes I find some interesting stuff. Oh yeah, I don’t sleep enough either.