Mike Brown is no Longer Chef at Alma

Anastacia Quinones is the new chef at Alma in Dallas.

Details on the way.

UPDATE: Just off the phone with Tristan Simon. He says Michael Brown, the chef he recruited from Red-O in Los Angeles to open Alma, has been out of the restaurant for six weeks. “Mike had some private personal and family issues,” Simon said. “He had to go back to Los Angeles to deal with them.”

The good news is that Simon already had backup in place. Two years ago, Simon hired Anastacia Quinones to be sous chef at Victor Tango’s. “We moved AQ over to Alma when we opened,” Simon said. “I thought she was too young (30) to be executive chef, but she has proven to be a formidable talent. She has been cooking at Alma for the last six weeks.”

Yeah, a chick chef! AQ is the first female chef in a Consilient restaurant. Quinones is from Dallas and grew up about 2 houses down from Alma. She attended culinary school at CIA in New York and moved to San Francisco where she was sous chef at Jardiniere, the restaurant cheffed by Traci Des Jardins. She moved back to Dallas a little over two and a half years ago. “Her heritage and her passion is real Mexican food,” Simon said. “She already has her fingerprints all over this menu. We are rolling out her new menu tomorrow.”


  • Hospitality Instructor

    I have it on inside(kitchen) information that he turned out to be…let’s just say, not all that he billed himself to be. I understand that he has been gone for approaching a month. Perhaps his food was lacking in, like, originality or something?

  • I hope he takes his salt shakers with him. way too heavy handed with the salt.

  • jane

    As usual, a woman is left to clean up a man’s mess ;>

  • The critic

    Prices are steep for the food that is not RED-O quality also. Roll back the prices and you might fill up the place. At opening the margaritas were $13.00 I said wow and the waiter lowered it to $9.00 and still not as goods as a $4.00 margarita at Glorias.
    I will wait for the new food review.

  • Mike

    No wonder the food was so underwhelming when we went during opening week. Cuba Libre was a favorite and we were seriously disappointed with its replacement.

  • Jeannie

    Well she must be amazing if the star chef wasn’t in the kitchen for six weeks!! You go girl. Why did they wait so long??

  • ashley


  • Mary

    Had a fabulous dinner there last week! Hats off to anastasia!!

  • coddat

    Thanks Tristan?

  • cuba libre was amazing

  • Thomas

    Mike brown he is not a chef he is a line cook & he sucks.

  • lovestomixitup

    Girl power all the way! Show them how its really done!

  • Vanessa

    Way to go!! Super awesome !! They made a great choice. Now AQ is unstoppable she will be on FIRE!!!!!!

  • Mark

    Poor guy he cant keep a job !!!!!!!!!!!!! when a woman take over your job , is when you know you really suck.