Guacamole in the Grass

So, it’s Thursday afternoon and your so-and-so boss is once again demanding that you submit the widget report in triplicate before you head out for the day. The clock ticks away the minutes as you watch your plan for a romantic picnic at the arboretum splinter upon the rocks of professional commitment. Would that there were someone to fill the gap between good intentions and successful execution.

Enter Highland Park Cafeteria’s picnic program. Click onto Highland Park Cafeteria’s website by 2 pm on the day of the concert and staff will assemble a custom picnic (think cookies, sandwiches, chips/guacamole, gourmet cheese tray, salads, hotdogs, BBQ sandwiches, beverages, whatever) and have it ready for pick-up by 6 pm in their van next to the Martin Rutchik Concert Stage.

Problem solved. Disaster narrowly averted. Catastrophe staved off for another week.