Gas Station Tacos in Dallas: El Tacaso at Fina on Harry Hines

Christopher Baccus loves cars and gas station tacos. We find that very attractive.

Dishers, meet Christopher Baccus. He’s a taco junkie and blogger. Not just any kind of taco, primarily those found in or near gas stations. We love to shine the light on folks fixated on food . Here’s his story and his first review of gas station tacos.

“I love to cook, but I enjoying eating even more. At home, I use local ingredients whenever possible and we buy all of our grass-fed meats from a small, local ranch. When I’m not at home cooking, I enjoy authentic ethnic cooking over an elegant gourmet meal. I’m a serious car nut and love tacos. After moving to Dallas last year, I kept finding great taco stands in local gas stations and after about the third meal my wife turned to me and said, “You should really start a book or blog about this.” I looked at her with a big grin and said, “Are you really encouraging this behavior?” A month later that I started the blog.”

Gas station Taquerias are often not located in a desirable part of town. Pulling up to a such gas stations in a flashy bright red convertible also has its drawbacks. My visit to El Tacaso at a Fina Station on Harry Hines was one of those time where it worked against me.

I began filling my tank and walked over to the outside counter of the taco stand covered by a faded blue awning. As I approached, a homeless man missing most of his front teeth and wearing a “Tap it and They Will Come” t-shirt asked me for some change. I hadn’t even placed my order yet and was in possession of a single $20 bill.

When it was my turn to order, I went with 2 fajita beef, 2 pastor, and 1 chicken taco all on corn tortillas with cilantro and onions. The “gentleman” next to me waited for my change of $13.75. I guess he figured he’d get a chunk of it by telling me how nice the two ladies who work the Taqueria are and how the people who run the gas station are “not so nice.”


I ignored him and went inside the gas station market to buy a Mexican Coca-Cola. When I returned to my car, my homeless friend was waiting. He started chatting about my car, wondering what year it was made. Since I didn’t feel he wasn’t going away any time soon, I gave in and handed him some money. I finished our small chat and got back into my car.  At that point, a couple women in the car next to mine started shouting that one of the gals wanted to be my girlfriend.

I left El Tacaso with my bounty of tacos and Mexican Coca-Cola sans a few dollars and a new girlfriend.

After one bite, I realized these tacos were worth the trouble. They are loaded with meat, a decent amount of cilantro, and a pile of grilled onions on the side. My container of 5 tacos came with 3 containers of salsa roja. In addition there was a full lime cut into 4 wedges. The corn tortillas were decent, nothing fantastic, but had a good flavor and held the decently filled tacos well.

The fajita beef taco was cut into small diced cubes and had a burst of flavor. The meat was very lean in all the tacos and was one of the rare times I didn’t have to pick out a bunch of fatty chunks. I kept on enjoying the two beef tacos dipping them into the salsa roja that had an intense kick to it.

For those who do not like a lot of spiciness, the salsa is to be avoided. If you do love a significant amount of chilies in your hot sauce, El Tacaso’s homemade sauce will be one of your favorites. There is plenty to like about it. I wondered if there is a salsa verde available too. Unfortunately, this time I did not request any salsas and was simply given the salsa roja containers by default.

The pastor tacos were filled with robust red-ish (from the anchiote spice) diced pork. Again, the meat was lean meat and with plenty of flavor enhanced by a few dunks in the salsa. Some pineapple would’ve made it even better, but I added some grilled onions.

Finally, the lonesome chicken taco.  I rarely get chicken tacos, but for some odd reason I decided today I would and I was glad I did. The chicken tacos at El Tacaso are excellent. They are all white mean that is finely chopped without any fat and plenty of flavors. The quality is very high, like the beef and pork tacos, but the chicken taco really won me over. So far this is the best gas station chicken taco I’ve had in Dallas, or anywhere else.

Provided you are up for a little more adventure than the typical run to Fuel City, you might want to give El Tacaso a try. I’m actively shopping for a $500 car on Craigslist so I can enjoy this place without all the extra unwanted attention.

Gas Station: Fina

Address: 10025 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas – NW, TX 75220

Rating (5 out of 5 oil drops):


  • Tater

    Fuel City has no need to worry. These are just like the other gas station tacos along N.W. Highway. The foot traffic makes Fuel City look like Beverly Drive, so keep your powder dry.

  • Tater – I agree Fuel City has nothing to worry about. My comment was more for those who want to venture out for some other gas station taco choices and I found El Tacaso a great option compared to other gas station taco options around Dallas. I would say though that El Tacaso is the best option along N.W. Highway as I’ve reviewed a couple others that were not as good.

    Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  • Kelsey

    Fuel City tacos won my heart over.

  • Heather

    SNOB and a half. What the heck did you expect? DINING at a gas station? Valet and
    concierge services? Please let us all know when you down grade to craigslist-esq vehicle worthy of the dining establishments where you have no problem eating, but are so bothered by the unsavory characters also at the location. If you are going to write about food, write about food! Anyone who knows Dallas knows exactly what to expect on Harry Hines Boulevard.

  • fred

    She’s writing for the Parkie audience of D Magazine, remember. Handling the real world is not learned in their schools.

  • Fred, who is she?

  • dominicide

    Your color comentary on the folks away from whatever zanex & hyrocodone addicted neighborhood from which you hale was just so borish. Aren’t you so effin swell? Oh, and here is another thing, the tacos even think you suck.

  • Okay I knew I’d get some “snob” comments but I was merely telling the experience just as one might comment on the atmosphere of a restaurant and yes I know where I was – a gas station. It was meant to be ironic. So my apologies to those who were offended. In my defense, Nancy did tag this post with the word “nut jobs” 🙂

  • Nancy,

    I think Fred is referring to me but the post says it’s posted “by” you.

    I do live in a nice neighborhood these days, but was raised in a family where my father was a mail handler (sorting mail), not exactly the Parkie mentality. But that is about as lame as saying I have friends who are x… I’ll admit the article was a bit borish, that’s an entirely fair comment.

  • JohnG

    I for one appreciate knowing what kind of panhandling I might be in for when I venture out for a gas station taco. Fuel City level I can deal with, more aggressive like the guy who followed the author back and forth to his car, well that really should be noted and factored in to the “how much do I want to try this taco?” decision. Just like you’d mention it if a resturant had screaming children.