Eat This Now:PB&J Cupcake from Trailercakes in Richardson

The PB&J cupcake from Trailercakes.

Ladies and gentlemen, a very excited Daniel Walker.

I eat way too many cupcakes.  It’s almost embarrassing.  Luckily, there is no shortage of outstanding cupcakes in Dallas.  But as seriously as I take my cakes, today, I am proud to announce that I am crowning a new king.

Perhaps you have seen them mentioned on Sidedish previously, but any “hype” you have heard about Trailercakes is true. The cupcakes are  heavenly.  Among all of the sultry flavors offered by this little operation, the PB&J cupcake is in a class of its own, and in my opinion, takes the cake as best in Dallas. Chief Frosting Officer, Heather Zidell, and Chief Cake Officer, Leora Azoulay Lesh, join forces to bring together the perfect balance of sugar and flour.  No corners are cut with these desserts.  Quality ingredients make for an exceptional product and we, the eaters, are the beneficiaries of this pair’s dedication to the humble cupcake.

Stay with me.

Taking a bite into the PB&J cupcake is a transcendental experience.  The cake is light and fresh and crumbles apart gently as it dances across your tongue.  The frosting, otherwise known as “peanut butter fluff,” is  what it claims to be: a fluffy, cloud-like consistency laced with rich, nutty peanut butter flavor.  And just when you feel your mouth is near gustatory sensory overload, you are hit with a burst of strawberry jelly hiding deep inside, begging you to release it from its prison of cake.  As each component rolls down your throat, you begin to realize how incomplete you were before this cupcake.  It’s everything you loved as a child without the pesky stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth feeling and without those annoying bread crusts getting in the way.

Until recently, Trailercakes were only available by pre-ordered, two-flavor dozens.  But recently, they have been offering “open kitchen hours,” giving you the chance to walk in and pick out a variety of flavors individually without a minimum order. You can also catch their mobile Airstream when it makes appearances around town. Just follow them on Twitter or Facebook for details.

So to anyone who has not yet bought in to the whole cupcake trend, I say, you just haven’t eaten the right cupcake. Trailercakes will make even the biggest skeptic a die-hard believer.

Trailercakes, 740 E Campbell. Richardson, TX. 214-789-1642


  • Veletta Forsythe Lill

    We are excited to have Trailercakes at Summer Block Party in the Dallas Arts District tonight.

  • Poodle

    And I am excited to eat them at the Summer Block Party tonight!