Eat This Now: Breakfast Tacos from Luna’s Tortilla Factory in Dallas

Daniel Walker roams Dallas in search of good eats. Today he files this report.

Summer is upon us, and for those of you with kids, this means you get those little bundles of joy sulking around the house all day long.  So, imagine it’s 10 AM Saturday morning, and you have tried just about everything short of water boarding to get your kids out of bed and doing their chores.  Well, all you diligent parents, I have found your solution.  Breakfast tacos from Luna’s Tortilla Factory.

It seems simple enough, but with the prospects of wrapping their lips around these breakfast beauties first thing in the morning, no punk teen could even dream about staying in bed.

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I have always held the belief that a truly exceptional taco comes down to the tortilla.  Sure, tacos can be filled with a number of exotic flavors, but the humble tortilla is the foundation upon which the entire success of a taco is built.  Luckily, tortillas are something the Luna family knows a thing or two about.  For over 80 years, this family has been producing some of the finest tortillas in the city.  They are tortilla suppliers for over 200 local restaurants, yet, to me, there is nothing like going directly to the source to get my fix.

Luna’s only offers four types of breakfast tacos: bacon and egg, chorizo and egg, bean and cheese, and potato and egg.  However, with tacos this fantastic, there really is no need for anything more.  Each is simple yet elegant, unadulterated by wacky ingredients which are often the bane of other tacos’ feeble attempts at perfection.  The bacon is always crisp and salty, the chorizo carries the perfect amount of atomic glowing orange grease, the beans and cheese blend together so smoothly it is like they were always destined to be together.

But what truly pushed these tacos over the edge was my recent discovery that they offered an “off-menu,” hand-pressed flour tortilla.  These little delights come to you hot, thick, chewy and soft as a cloud.  As these tortillas gently caress the taco filling resting comfortably inside, you almost feel like you are disturbing some peaceful Zen moment by biting into one.  But it must be done; these masterpieces were made for the mouth and not the museum.

You may find dozens of variations of the breakfast taco in this town, but you will be hard pressed to find one as perfect as this.  Make Luna’s a part of your balanced breakfast and you may never eat that boring oatmeal again.

Luna’s Tortilla Factory

8524 Harry Hines Blvd.

Dallas, TX 75235