Dale Wamstad is Back in the Restaurant Business: Four Sisters Café in Richardson

Dale Wamstad is opening Four Sisters Café in Richardson. The food will be “True American.” Mr. Wamstad was once a huge force in the Dallas restaurant scene: he founded Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse, III Forks, and Silver Fox. Those are just the business highlights.

In 2000, Mark Steurtz, then of the Dallas Observer, wrote a feature story on Wamstad titled “Family Man: Dallas restaurateur Dale Wamstad portrays himself as humble entrepreneur and devoted father. The family he abandoned in New Orleans has a bone to pick with that.” Wamstad sued the Observer but lost.

If you think Tesar vs Badovinus was interesting, you should take a few minutes to read Steurtz’s piece which includes a public fight with his ex-wife who pulled out a gun and shot him three times. Below is a clip from Steutz’s story:

The purse on the sofa held the .25-caliber semiautomatic pistol her husband had given her two years earlier to protect herself when she closed the restaurant at night alone. As Rumore exited the restroom, she heard a loud slam. Wamstad had burst through the front door. He demanded that Theresa open the front door and he pushed a briefcase in her face. Lena told him to stop. “Then he screamed, ‘You fucking bitch, what do you think you’re doing closing and putting that sign out there?'” Lena says. “And he hurled the briefcase at me, and I mean with force.”

She pleaded with Wamstad to let her explain what had happened, but he came at her again. She reached into her purse and pulled out the gun.

“He kinda laughed, ‘You fucking bitch. You better use it on me, because if you don’t use it, I’m going to kill you with it,'” Rumore recalls. “He started coming close, like he was going to take it from me. So I fired.”

Rumore fired four shots before the gun jammed. One bullet missed. Another went into Wamstad’s jaw, while a pair of slugs entered his back. He moaned. She screamed and dialed 911.

The police didn’t arrest Rumore…. On July 16, 1986, Lena Rumore was found innocent. The judge ruled that she had acted in self-defense.

Loads of folks around here admire Dale Wamstad’s business sense. The guy is a warrior of the restaurant business. Four Sister’s Café sits in the apex of The Shire, a mixed-use development in Richardson near George Bush Turnpike and Jupiter Road. The developer? Wamstad.

Mike Hiller has pictures and an interesting story about the name and the artwork designated to play center stage. Welcome back, Dale. You got here just in time. Oh, the menu.


  • MCC

    This is near my new hood. I’ve driven by the location multiple times, and I have to ask: what’s the deal with the signage? From the PGBT, it looks like an old Revolutionary War era flag (red, white and blue with the stars aligned in a circle) partnered with a French tricolor that has a single star in the blue portion.

  • dk

    For the second flag:

    Flag of the Harrisburg Volunteers. This banner was carried by volunteers comprising Capt. Andrew Robinson’s company from Harrisburg and designed by Sarah Rudolph Bradley Dodson in Sep 1835 for her husband, 1st Lt. A.B. Dodson and colleagues. Mrs. M. Looscan in her article in Wooten’s Comprehensive History of Texas, who claimed her information came from Mr. Dodson who was still living in Alice, NuecesCo, TX in 1896, describes the red, white and blue flag at left, but with the star, said to be copied from an old military coat button or seal, in a blue field next to the staff. According to Dodson she related that the flag was flown by the company in the Siege and Battle of Bexar.

  • dk

    The first flag looks like a Betsy Ross flag.

  • jane

    Correction: In his ad’s he says his name is Dale FRANCIS Wamstad LOL

  • Schmidtlab Q Holingsworth

    Dale is a horrible individual. Where his highest value is his own self-loathing. He can sit in a quails nest and rub plum sauce all over himself for all I care. Some may admire his cut throat style, as he bleeds out the people that help him and then leaves them in his wake. I am one of his latest victims. I am a hard working Kitchen Manager, who gave everything to help Four Sisters Cafe when they needed it most. My thanks was a termination and 1 weeks pay. I did not even get to witness the grand-opening that I helped to make possible. A bit of advice, Stay away from this and everyone of Mr Womstad projects. Do not Take a job from him. And unless you like loosing your money do not invest in his restaurants. Just ask his previous investors what they got out of it!