Bailey’s Barmen Turn Out a Summer Drink Menu That’s As Entertaining to the Palate as it is to the Eyes

Head Barman Anthony Polo serves up a Jasmine and a Garden Gimlit at Bailey’s Prime Plus on Park Lane. (Photos by James Bright)

Yesterday, new D intern James Bright visited with the barmen at Bailey’s Prime Plus to learn about their new summer bar menu. Take it away, James:

Even in this time of the cult of mixologists, tracking down a well-mixed, moderately priced cocktail is, let’s just say it, hard. Either the drink is decent, but is a bit too pricey, or it’s terrible and the cost reflects the taste. On Tuesday night, Bailey’s Prime Plus on Park Lane in Dallas released 11 drinks that actively defy this quandary.

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Bailey’s Head Barman Anthony Polo uses whiskey and fire to light up the bar area at Bailey’s (left); The Jasmine, the Amante Sour and the Garden Gimlit are just three of Bailey’s 11 new cocktails all made from fresh produce (right). (Photos by James Bright)

Most of the beverages fall between $9 and $11 and contain a decent amount of alcohol, but that’s not the selling point. Each drink is made with 100 percent fresh produce, a nuance that is still relatively unheard-of but is the defining feature that sets Bailey’s apart.

Head Barman Anthony “Polo” was kind enough to let me sample four of the illustrious 11, and I was not disappointed.

First was the aptly named Jasmine. At $9 this drink is the perfect substitute for the tired old mojito. Composed of Jasmine Bombay Gin, lemon, club soda, and kumquat, the Jasmine has an oddly pleasing taste that will take patrons out of their comfort zone in the best way possible. Topped off with a few sprigs of lavender, the Jasmine creates a sweet-and-sour sensation that will make this drink an instant favorite.

In direct contrast to the Jasmine is the Amante Sour. This $10 cocktail utilizes Barsol Pisco, lime, and egg whites. While last ingredient may seem unexpected, it gives this concoction its grounding flavor. Mixoligist and Bailey’s drink consultant Eddie “Lucky” Campbell says a Pisco Sour is to Peru what the Margarita is to Mexico and the Mojito is to Cuba. Amante means affair in Spanish, so it’s fitting that his interpretation thrusts together such odd flavors. It’s close to the Pisco Sour, but fans of the original drink may feel like they’re committing an act of infidelity.

Head Barman Anthony Polo takes special care to make sure all drinks at Bailey’s are mixed expertly (left); Bailey’s drink consultant Eddie “Lucky” Campbell uses freshly cut kumquat to create the sweet and sour taste of the Jasmine (right). (Photos by James bright)

Another stand-in for the mojito is the Garden Gimlit. This is a good introduction to anyone who isn’t familiar with gin, but it’ s the vegetables that set the Gimlit apart. Fresh basil, cucumber, lime and ginger mixed with Hendrick’s Gin create a salad in a glass. This beverage may not be for everyone though. It’s slightly bitter, and the herbal combinations may offend the palate of some drinkers. Others will be drawn to its originality. For $10, the Gimlit has the potential to become a classic at Bailey’s.

Lastly there is a new take on a classic. The Margarita Matadores combines Amber Reposado Tequila, agave, orange blossom water, and ginger. The combination of the ginger and agave is a bit strange at first, but after a few sips the agave and orange blossom flavors meld, providing a nice aftertaste. That’s not the most enticing feature of this drink though. With only 275 calories the Matadores gives weight-conscientious consumers a low-ish cal option.


  • Paul

    Awesome article – Thanks for sharing! While I have no doubt the Park Lane location rocks I urge you to make the trek north to check out the location in Fairview. Glen is always great at the door and working the room, and David behind the bar is fantastic! He turned us on to the Strawberry Mojitos this Spring – very refreshing! It’s an excellent place for Happy Hour and birthday celebrations! Have fun ya’ll!

  • Erica

    Definitely gotta check it out!

  • Ann

    It’s spelled Gimlet, I believe.