A Voyeur’s Journey Into the New Lunch Menu at Craft Dallas

Leadership changes at Craft Dallas have resulted in a rethinking of the menu and a more casual lunch service. Yesterday, I was part of a group that was invited to the restaurant to taste from the new menu and chat with chef de cuisine Tim Bevins.

Croque madame with brioche bread, Benton's ham, and pecorino pepato. (All photos by Sarah Reiss)

“The dinner format—the à la carte things—doesn’t really work in a lunch situation,” said Bevins. “So what I did was streamline everything using the same ingredients, the same technique, the same care. Anything and everything that’s happening at night is happening at lunch. It’s still Craft philosophy down to a T, but it’s quite a bit more affordable at lunch and certainly a lot more streamlined. The quick in-and-out lunch is definitely not a problem whatsoever.”

Items on the two course lunch menu (Empire baguette, a crispy arancino ball, warm olives, and mixed greens with lemon marinated feta come as a first course) ranges in price from $8 (for whole-grain bruschetta with chevre, avocado, and walnut pesto) to $15 (for beef short rib with gnocchi and parsley). The menu morphs daily with market availability so that Bevins can utilize the best of the fields and farms. Follow the jump to see pics of the new menu.

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Scrambled duck egg, escargot, delta asparagus, and brioche croutons (left); Craft's chef de cuisine Tim Bevins showing off his pickled ramps (right).
Whole-grain bruschetta, chèvre, avocado, and walnut pesto with mixed greens.
A crispy arancino de riso, warm olives, and a mixed greens salad comes with every lunch.
Beef short rib, tubular gnocchi, root vegetables, and parsley (left); Garganelli pasta, veal sweetbreads, tomato, and celery (right).
Pappardelle al ragù Bolognese made with pork shoulder, veal shoulder, pancetto, and blonde sofrito.
Ricotta mezzaluna, peas, summer truffle, and radish.


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