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Mother's Day

What to Drink Now: Mom’s Day

By Hayley Hamilton Cogill |

The love for wine and spirits runs in my family, which means that I can give my mom a great bottle of wine, fun gadget or excellent bottle of Grey Goose for a Mother’s Day gift and she will be happy, especially because we will often then share that bottle of wine or mix up a martini together…and that special time is really what it is all about.  If you are still in search of a perfect Mother’s Day gift and know that something in the liquid form will satisfy, consider one of these options.  Some have been sent for editorial consideration.

For the wine lover:

The Moet and Chandon Brut Rose Imperial NV is always a great go to bubbly with a burst of great strawberry, raspberry layered with a hint of rose water.  Elegant and crisp with thousands of tiny bubbles.  Priced at about $60 a bottle and available at most Goody-Goody locations (I saw it at the Greenville store last week.)

Miner Napa Valley Chardonnay is always a great representation of a classic Napa Valley Chardonnay, without too much oak.  A good balance of crisp green apple, stone fruit and spice with a creamy elegance. Sigel’s locations throughout Dallas carry Miner Family Wines exclusively.  The Chardonnay retails for around $30 a bottle.

Veramonte Ritual Pinot Noir from Chile is intensely dense and rich with blackberry fruit aromas followed by wild flowers and  cola.  Chile is producing a number of Pinot Noir options and though not as refined as some from the states or Burgundy, they are bold with big fruit forward flavors.  Available at Pogo’s for about $30 a bottle.

Domaine Serene Evanstad Reserve Pinot Noir is a lush, structured and consistent award winning Pinot Noir from the heart of Willamette Valley.  Filled with black cherry, ripe raspberry, violet and earth with a hint of sweet baking spices on the finish from the 18 month aging in 67% new French oak.  A very drinkable and balanced wine.  Available at Centennial Liquors on Preston and on Lover’s for about $60 a bottle.

For the spirits lover (both available at Goody Goody locations around town):

A bottle of Grey Goose is an easy decision for a vodka lover, but why not add a twist with a Grey Goose L’Orange with clean orange flavors.  So many flavored vodkas are almost syrupy and overly sweet, Grey Goose keeps it natural and clean, enhancing the pure elegance of their vodka without masking the flavor of the spirit.

Corzo Silver Tequila is beautifully presented in a bottle created by French designer Fabien Baron known for his perfume bottle designs.  Inside, the luxurious tequila is created through triple distillation using the twice the blue agave of most tequilas.  The spirit is smooth and clean with tropical fruit, pepper and spice flavors on the palate.

For the gadget lover:

I have had two wine gifts lately that I truly love.  I am not a bit gadget person, but both of these really work.

The Ravi Wine Chiller – Simply keep the attachment in the freezer then place over your glass and pour room temperature white wine through the chiller and you will instantly chill your room temp wine. Perfect if you are in the mood for a bottle of wine that you forgot to chill.  Available at Bed, Bath and Beyond for about $40.

Vinturi Wine Aerator – It took me a little longer to adapt to using this aerator, preferring to decant a whole bottle into a decanter.  The nice element of this gadget is that you can decant a bottle one glass at a time, perfect if you don’t plan on drinking a whole bottle and the clean up is much easier than cleaning a decanter. Also available at Bed, Bath and Beyond for about $40.