Tickets on Sale for Dallas Wine Trail

This event sells out fast so click here for tickets. The date for the next Dallas Wine Trail is set for July 23 from 11AM-5PM. The four participating Dallas wineries are Inwood Estates Vineyard, Calais Winery, Times Ten Cellars, and Fuqua Winery. (Map below the jump. The $55 ticket includes a 19.5-oz Special Edition tasting glass, a bottle of wine from one of the 4 wineries, 3 wines to taste at each of the wineries, light food pairings from local restaurants/caterers. And the event will benefit the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas.

Map below.


  • Justin

    My wife and I attended the first one, where all the wineries were within walking distance of Times 10 Cellars (and a pre-Cane Rosso pizza trailer if I remember correctly). Is driving to 4 different venues (and then home) advisable if you’ve been hitting the vino all afternoon (seems like kind of a pain in the ass too)?

    Maybe in the future they could have all wines at one location and rotate the venue so all vintners get a chance to show off their winery? But then again, if it sells out why mess with success.

  • Mishi

    Regarding what Justin said…will there be some kind of bus or transportation between vineyards?

  • Mishi, I don’t know about bus service but it sure makes sense.