The Best Places to Watch the Mavericks Beat the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals

photography by Sergio Garza

Nope, you haven’t traveled back to the year 2006. The Dallas Mavericks really are in the NBA Finals again against the Miami Heat. The first two games are out of town, so we’ve compiled your best bests for watching the game with a crowd. Game 1 is tonight at 8 p.m.

American Airlines Center
Yep, while the Mavs are away, you can play at the city’s biggest watch party at their home court. See Games 1 and 2 on the huge screen with the Mavs Dancers, ManiAACs, Street Team, and Mavs insiders Ali Dee and Ro Parrish. Snacks, drinks, and Finals gear will be available for purchase.

Vickery Park
A giant screen and delicious food come to mind. An enormous selection of beer and daily happy hour specials don’t hurt either.

McKinney Avenue Tavern
Sports for the MAT is like pink for Paris Hilton. A wall of TVs keeps you informed and a predictable menu of beer and bar food keeps your tummy content.

Nodding Donkey
This neighborhood spot packs in crowds so excited, the cops have been called. Make the Donkey your stop for a high-energy, passionate game-watching experience.

We love Champps for its reliable game-day scenery: TV screens with sports only, happy hours from 4 pm to 7 pm, and classic beers on draft.

Christies Sports Bar
Enjoy the no frills, open space here. Big-screen plasmas will project the game, but if you get a bit distracted (god forbid), you’ll find Golden Tee, pool, and more.

Lakewood’s 1st & 10
The TVs are perfect, and the food is delicious. Plus, if you’re actually into watching the game, rather than discussing your current bet, you can expect your neighbors to be watching diligently and not distracting you with nonsense.

Frankie’s Sports Bar & Grill
Everyone knows Frankie’s is a sure bet if you’re looking for a true sports-bar experience. TVs fill every nook and cranny of wall space, and beer and bar food fills the menu. During games, beers will be available by the bucket.

Katy Trail Ice House
This bar loves the Mavs, and we love them for that. There are a million beers (well, close), and plenty of screens to choose from. Burgers are delish and there’s lots of space to pack in a rowdy crowd.

It’s a staple for Dallas fans. Giant screens occupy game watchers and microbrews satisfy beer lovers.

Angelika Film Center
This movie theater had us at “free admission,” but we’re good with the cash bar and hot dog and beer combo for $7.50.

Like Fox Sports Grill, Brackets does the upscale thing. A chef-driven menu tickles your taste buds and HD TVs delight your eyeballs. If you’re less about the game and more about the action, enjoy ping pong, pool, and darts for cheap.

Fox & Hound
Game One here will include all 28 drafts for $2 a pop and every shot with “bomb” in the name for $5. If you can’t make the first game, no prob. HD TVs and ice cold beer will be waiting for you every game of the Finals.

Z Grill & Tap
It may be in Pleasantville (Flower Mound), but fans here like to celebrate. Z Bar’s the spot to hit for high-def TVs, classic beers on tap, and cheap and delicious bar food.

Woody’s Sports Grill
They’re serving “Dirk Shots” for $6.25. We don’t even know what’s in ‘em, but we’ll  say cheers to that.

The Granada whips out a massive HD screen on game nights. Admission is free and beer comes by the bucketload. (They won’t be showing the June 2 or June 5 games)

Quarter Bar
Expect a long lineup of Mavs-themed drink specials: Dirk, Drank, Dunk (Jager and Red Bull) for $4; Cuban Libra for $3; Jet Fuel (shot of Rumple Minze) for $4; Kidd-a-Kazi (Blue Kamikaze shot) for $; and blue and green Jell-O shots for $2.


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  • Zach

    wow, went to brackets for game 3 against OKC, and it was the worst service i have had at any restaurant… ever.. not exaggerating. They blamed it on people calling in sick, but it seemed like our waiter felt it was more a management issue. He brought us a comment card and begged us to fill it out. When we asked for the manager at the end he was excited and maybe thought something was going to change over there. Its sad too, because the food was pretty good. Just took 2 hours to get 3 appetizers and at least a 45 minute wait per ordered beer. The worst part is the “owner”, or the person who identified themselves as such, came over at the end and made us feel bad for being dissatisfied. It was an embarassing moment for her and it was even more uncomfortable moment for us. Had she apologized then i would have thought of going back, but after the way she treated us i will not ever go back – for any reason.

  • Not sure how we got left off this list. Dallas Maverick’s fans can commune at the Quarter Bar to watch the Mavs playoff games starting Tuesday, May 31 for the first playoff game against the Miami Heat.

    The Quarter Bar will be serving special Dallas Mavericks themed drinks during all playoff game times:

    Dirk, Drank, Dunk – Jager & Red Bull ($4)
    Cuban Libra ($3)
    Jet Fuel – Shot of Rumple ($4)
    Kidd-a-Kazi – Blue Kamikaze shot ($4)
    Blue & Green jello shots ($2)

    See you tonight! GO MAVS!

  • Wade

    I’ve been to Brackets twice and agree with Zach, it has the worst service ever. Items on the menus aren’t available. It take forever to get food or drinks and the waiter forgets you exist most of the night. At the end of the night he couldn’t even split our bill up for us, so we ended up having to do it ourselves. Do yourself a favor and watch the game somewhere else.

  • Raya Ramsey

    Added, Quarter Bar! Thanks for the info.

  • EB

    Katy Trail Ice House is a horrible experience to watch the game. Was there for a Wednesday night play off and could not see the tv’s outside. Service was extremely slow, too.

  • Neil

    I think that the Fox Sports Grill located on Legacy up in Plano is now shut down. I was on the south side of the shops last weekend and I noticed that the FSG sign was no longer on the building.

    Also, while the FSG web site still lists Legacy as an open location, the Shops at Legacy’s web site no longer lists them as a tenant.

  • brett

    tried to go to fox sports grill last night, and there was a sign on the door saying they closed.

  • Thanks Raya! That’s what we get for emailing Nancy! LOL! next time we’ll send the press release to your attention!

  • Michael

    We went to Knox Street Pub to watch the game tonight. Had great service and the game was on every TV except one that was showing the Ranger game. Food was good and beer specials were pretty good as well. We really have no complaints

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  • Press Box Grill should be added to this list! It’s the best place to watch sports downtown with 18 screens – this includes a 112″ projector screen and a TV in each bathroom so you don’t miss a moment! Add to that great food, a huge beer selection & full bar, it’s no wonder we’re a downtown favorite!

  • Raya Ramsey

    Thanks for the FSG update. Removed from the list.

  • Daen

    I can’t believe you included the Katy Trail Ice House in this list. That place is a horrible place to watch sports. Not to mention the rancid food.

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  • Chris

    I went to Katy Trail Ice House on Tuesday for the game and won’t be back. They need specials during the game and the TV on the patio are impossible to see except for the first couple of tables.

  • slade

    Press Box Grill is great, Grapevine Bar big screen is fun outdoors, Brackets does suck

  • ur mom all nite

    The best place to see the Mavs lose to Miami Heat would be live. That way, all of Miami can see your pathetic, sad faces live on TV for games 3 and 4. And oh I can’t wait for Jason Terry to decide what to do with a Championship tattoo with no Championship to back it up. Dumb ass.

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  • John Gormely

    Lakewood’s 1ST & 10 has great food, lot’s of TV’s and most important cold beer!

    GO MAVS!!

  • Lakewoody

    How about Chilis or Taco Cabana?

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