Teacher Seeks Great Cooking Class in Dallas

The end of the school year is upon us and our wonderful teachers finally get to slow down a bit.  My kid’s teacher, Miss Robinson  a saint who teaches 23 5-year-old kids for 8-hours a day, wants to take some cooking classes this summer, so I ask you, dear Dishers: which one do you recommend?  She doesn’t just want to be entertained, she really  wants to learn something.  Have you taken classes from Central Market, Duo, Milestone Culinary Arts, or Sur la Table?  Tell me which one you like or don’t like.


  • Steven Doyle

    DUO does have mAny classes running all the time and they are offering a deal where you can bring a friend for free.

    French Chef Andre at the Viking/Milestone Kitchens does a marvelous series each Sunday. The class lasts most of the afternoon and they cover a wide variety of dishes. I walked in on the tail-end this past weekend as Andre was pulling lemon souffles out of the oven. Fortuitous.

  • Rob

    You’ll learn the most at the different hands-on classes around town – I really like Central Market or Kent Rathbun’s Dirty Dozen Cooking Classes at Abacus

  • If she has the whole summer free, I would encourage her to enroll in El Centro’s culinary program. It sounds a bit intense, but it’s definitely the best deal in town. I enrolled a few years ago and took classes at night, and I learned a ton. It’s only around $100 for every 3 hour (two nights a week for a semester) course.
    The teacher’s are great, and it gives you a great basis/introduction to culinary skills.

  • Karen McClellen

    I’ve gone to several cooking classes over the years and I have to say, my favorite cooking school has been Market Street, in McKinney. First and foremost, their staff make you feel so welcome that in a sense, you’ve become family. The variety of cooking classes is both entertaining and educational. And, I’ve also prepared many of the recipes I’ve learned. Classes run the gamut from learning recipes prepared for the Queen of England, from her personal chef to making tamales the way someone’s abuela does. Market Street’s classes exude warmth, friendliness and a relaxed setting… definitely what keeps me coming back!

  • jane

    I second the Market Street classes. The cooking school at the Central Market on Lovers Lane, well, the instructors always seem angry and annoyed that you are there.

  • KW

    You can’t beat taking a series at Milestone.

  • Karen Dawson

    Chef Darren McGrady’s classes at Market Street in Colleyville and McKinney are simply THE best!

  • Jill

    I disagree with Jane. I have gone to several cooking classes at central market, including last night’s global spicy. I think they are a great deal. I have looked at some other venues, but they are always so much more expensive. Also, there is wine included with the class, and Holly is a great teacher.

  • I’ve taken classes with Collin College in Frisco. Cheap and professionally run. The first class I took was the Sanitation and Food Safety class which enabled me to take the test for certification. Nice to have.

    I then took the basic cooking class and learned knife skills, culinary history, and sauces. Final exam was making a hollandaise and I actually passed!