Taco Cabana Introduces Hickory Smoked Brisket Tacos in Dallas

Taco Cabana’s smoked brisket tacos are a seasonal item and now ’tis the season. “Our brisket tacos were overwhelmingly popular last year, and we’re delighted to bring brisket back,”  said Todd Coerver, chief marketing officer at Taco Cabana. “If guest feedback remains positive, we are considering adding our brisket offering to the permanent menu. Fans need to be sure and visit us on Facebook to tell us how much they love our brisket tacos if they would like to see us offer them year-round.”

They sent me a coupon so I went and took some pictures of the plate which has two brisket tacos, rice, beans, and two flour tortillas. I recommend them with the ranch or fuego salas from the salsa bar. They are also available as a two brisket taco combo meal with chips, queso or guacamole and a 20-oz drink. Both dishes are $5.99. They tacos are also available as breakfast brisket and egg tacos.

Jump for a look-see.


  • HK

    for a quick fix, these are great