Somebody Help This Poor Girl Out: Big Game & Booze

This letter just popped up in my inbox:

Hi SideDish-
My husband would never write this letter so I’m jumping in for him. He’s been invited to a new friend’s ranch for a guy’s weekend. The theme of the weekend is Big Game meaning that they’re going to eat some game and shoot some skeet. The friend is hosting the whole thing, he only asks that the guests bring what they consider to be an item of game to cook on Saturday night and the alcohol they think would pair best with it. (Wild turkey & Wild Turkey is already taken, thank you very much.) We are at a loss. Hopefully you can post this on the forum and your readers can send some clever suggestions.

OK, folks. Help a sister out in the comments section.


  • Son of Dolemite

    Elk loin with a Malbec (recommend Ben Marco)or a big cab. Use a hearty rub on the elk loin, then grill it. You can use some of the same wine to make a reduction for a sauce.

  • That Guy

    If by “pairing” you mean clever matching (a la your Wild Turkey idea), rather than actually pairing a drink to a dish, then:

    Pheasant and Famous Grouse Scotch
    Duck and Duckhorn Cabernet
    Wild Boar and Blind Pig IPA beer

  • Regular pairings are boring and can be googled. Try these:

    Venison and Jagermeister
    Record size anything and Guinness
    Chupacabra and Milagro

  • allison

    deer and beer

  • runDMC

    South Texas Antelope loin available from
    and Stag’s Leap Cabernet

    Buffalo ribeye from
    with Frontier Red (wine)

    Smoked quail ( and Quail Run wine

    and badda boom badda bing…

    Fried “jail” bait (whitebait are young/small herring – get some pickled herring and bread ’em up)
    w/ Big House Red
    (Big House label shows pic of San Quentin Prison)

  • jilly

    Fighting Cock with wild game sausage
    Andre Cold Duck with Duck
    The Kracken- Turducken
    Buddalo Trace- Buffalo Hamburger
    Wild Geese with cooked goose.

  • jilly

    I can’t say the male version of a rooster?
    C#ck? Lame

  • Scott

    Moose and Moosehead Beer
    Shark and Landshark Lager which would actually be a good pairing. Lager with fish.

  • Scotch

    Duck and Duckhorn wine

    Venison and George Stagg bourbon

    Bison and Buffalo Trace bourbon

    Caviar and vodka

  • Keri

    Graham beck Game Keepers reserve wines- the Chenin with a wild hare on the label- good light white

    The CAB has a kudu on it- if they are wealthy enough to have an import to shoot!
    The name alone GAME KEEPERS RESERVE is fabulous and the wines are both at Central Market. Happy shooting

  • N

    Venison loin with Pinot Noir from Oregon/Willamette Valley or California/Russian River Valley
    Buffalo steak with Petit Verdot
    Feral hog or wild boar with Malbec or Cabernet Franc
    Ostrich steaks with South African Pinotage

  • Sue Smith

    Flora Springs Wild Boar Cabernet with wild boar chops- delicious!