Review and Pictures: In-N-Out Burgers in Allen and Frisco

photo by Kristin Draves.

I appreciate all of you sending reports and pictures and I will try my best to get them up today. I am going to put them under this one post.

This second report comes from Kristin Draves. She currently writes as “BigChalupa” over at They are also launching a sister site today,, and their first review is going to be of In-N-Out’s burgers in Allen. She sends her thoughts and photos.

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Hungry campers at In-N-Out in Allen. photo by Kristin Draves.

Kristin Draves: I drove out to the Allen location this morning from my East Dallas home at about 6:00 am, and there were about 50 or so people in line when I arrived, all pretty excited to get a burger and fries. Most people seemed to be familiar with In-N-Out, which became wildly obvious when I announced that I had never had it and a collective gasp rolled through the crowd. At around 8:00 am, a manager came through the line to let us know that the folks that had been there for hours would be getting a free lunch today, compliments of In-N-Out. Luckily I was the last person in the group of people that got free burgers, which made the early morning trek all the more worth it.

This is what many people claim a hamburger is all about. photo by Kristin Drayer.

They opened the doors at 9:00 and actually moved everyone through very quickly — I was the 77th customer and placed my order at 9:20am, according to my receipt, and got my food in about 8 minutes. Fast, considering how many orders they were busting out of that kitchen.

Here's the line at 830am at the Frisco location. Photo by Alex Young.

The food was good: I ordered the Double Double with grilled onions and animal-style fries, meaning they would come with melted cheese, grilled onions and thousand island. The burger is definitely comparable to Whataburger, not better, not really worse, just about the same. The fries were better than most fast food choices, fresh and crispy, without the over-salting that plagues so many chains these days, but I could have done without the addition of thousand island. All in all, there’s some good food at this restaurant, though certainly not something I’ll be driving back to Allen to get. When they open up the rest of their locations closer to and in Dallas, I’m sure I’ll stop by to grab a cheeseburger every once in a while.


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  • I love TacoSense… I can’t wait to follow BurgerSense. Also, can’t wait to try the infamous In-N-Out burgers.

  • MC

    WHATABURGER? This person has no taste buds. Whataburgers are greasy, boring ordinary burgers. In N Out are the freshest burgers made. Give me a break!

  • iagree

    I couldn’t agree more and I have plenty of taste buds. More than I’d like sometimes. My wife and I went to In and Out Burger a couple of years ago after rave recommendations from friends. We were starving and extremely let down. After our first bite … we both said it tastes like Whataburger. And their fries tasted like potato sticks and left me wishing I had Whataburger’s fries and ketchup instead. All in all still good … but seriously the hype is a little out of control. And the people waiting in line like they’re giving away iPhones. It’s fast food for crying out loud!

  • Cookie

    Drove by at lunch in Allen and the line and drive-thru looked liked folks waiting to get into a ball game or something. Came through on my way home about 20 minutes ago and people are still standing in line with thunder, lightning and heavy rain. Are you sure they’re not giving away iPads or free lunch for life? ? What a hype. Burgers can’t be that good.

  • Adam R

    Texans are doing it wrong. Nobody eats animal style fries. They are a sick joke.

  • Ranger

    Whataburger? Yeah, that’s probably fair. The burgers are definitely greasier at Whataburger, but they have better flavor.

    I’m not sure why you would wait for a burger here when there are much better burgers at J.C.’s, Five Guys, etc. without even mentioning some of the hole-in-the-wall places that blow these chains out of the water.

  • itsok

    I drove 45 minutes to the Frisco location.When I arrived it looked like a big production. There were cops everywhere and the parking lot was blocked off. Anyways I waited about an hour and a half at drive thru. Got a double double. The burger was decent for fast food,but not worth the wait. Don’t know what all the hype is about. Burger Street tastes better in my opinion.

  • Celeste

    @Adam R. Dude, clearly you missed out on animal style fries if you really had In N out in Cali. And there’s no wrong way to have a meal there.

  • Telise

    I just got back from In n Out burger and I have to say I was highly disappointed with the food. The meat on my burger was not cooked all the way and the fry’s were not good at all. The burger wasn’t horrible but it was not worth all the hype. Honestly I prefer Whataburger bacon cheeseburger over In n Out any day.