Random Act on SideDish: You Want to be a Food Blogger?

I was having dinner with some friends the other night who write a blog. They don’t do it because they want to, they do it because their company makes them. That usually isn’t the case with people who blog about food. Chances are people are motivated to blog about food  because they are passionate about food and the cooking, baking, or eating of said food. Most food bloggers start out all warm and fuzzy and write until their fingers are done to a crisp. Slowly, they lose momentum. Why? Because it’s hard. Not just the writing, it’s tough to come up with fresh ideas and new words to describe fish without using succulent forty ways to Sunday. Once you write a blog,  learn how to take pictures, and conquer whatever program you are attempting to post from,   you’d probably like to get someone outside of your immediate circle of friends and family to read it. Or maybe you’d like to make some money or get a book deal. If you figure any of that, please feel free to pass it along in the comments section.

Anywhoo, this morning I came across an interesting post on Sarah Henry’s Bay Area Bites blog. She offers advice for struggling (succulent) food bloggers. Henry maintains “talent and ideas count, so does experience, connections, timing, and, frankly, a bit of luck.”

To that I would add: have an opinion, get a good therapist, and find someone to sell you wine wholesale. Questions?


  • Amy S
  • The idea about the wine would be great!

  • Good article! It’s actually really helpful to tag-team a blog vs. write one on your own. I’ve done both, and writing with another person helps inspire, shake things up, and helps with the work load.
    Speaking of food blogs, maybe it’s time to update the SideDish list-o-blogs? Dallas Eats has been shut down for almost two years, and Slow Food Dallas hasn’t written in a year.
    Dallas has some awesome food bloggers (Joylicious.net or CraveDFW.com or ittybittyfoodies.wordpress.com??). Should we have an eating contest to determine who makes the list?

  • I love me not one, but two hot potatoes.

  • Mark

    Not having CRAVE on the blog list? That must be changed at once!

  • slade

    @ Mark agreed.