Marc Cassel To Open New Restaurant

Stopped in to have breakfast at Good 2 Go Taco this morning, and it was busy enough that I had to park two doors down. Lo, what did I see taped to the door of the defunct hair salon but a construction permit with Marc Cassel’s name on it (albeit misspelled). HUGE news for our neighborhood in Old Lake Highlands.




  • yeah…um

    that area is also supposed to get a beer garden from the folks at Vickery Park…

    Old Lake Highlands = New Place to Be?

  • Stephen

    wow, Good2Go, plus goodfriends (the announced burger/beer garden by Tobin), and now a third restaurant. where will people park? and where is the Stir Coffee shop going?

  • bill holston
  • Oh, my Lord. I think I’m going to cry. It just keeps getting better and better!

  • Beda

    Casa Linda is considered Old Lake Highlands?

    I live in the neighborhood, and this is great news. Almost an embarrassment of riches in new restaurants. Almost.

  • AJ

    It appears by the reflection that the photo of the permit was taken by Charlie Sheen.

  • JB

    Pegasus says it’s a seafood place. Why there hasn’t been a fish place next to White Rock Lake till now, I’ll never know. I can’t wait!

  • Tim Rogers

    @AJ: I admit that I had a pretty bad case of bedhead. Apologies.

    @Beda: You think that’s Casa Linda? Is there an official CL boundary? Seems to me CL peters out once you hang that left onto Peavy. I could be wrong, though.

  • Lori

    Peaches and Teen closed? That’s the name of the beauty parlor that was in that spot.

  • Beda

    Yes I do call that Casa Linda. Peavy is the first light on Garland Road after you cross Buckner (which is the intersection for Casa Linda shopping center). I’d say less than half a mile. I surely wouldn’t consider that “Old Lake Highlands.” What are its boundaries?

  • Beda

    Established in 1946, Old Lake Highlands Neighborhood is comprised of approximately 1,700 homes located within the boundaries of Northwest Hwy., Buckner Blvd., and Lake Highlands Drive.

    Definitely not Old Lake Highlands. I would guess that Casa Linda in part extends to Buckner and Lake Highlands Drive, on the other side (I’m directionally challenged).

  • allison

    As someone who went to Reinhardt & BA, I agree with Beda on it not being OLH. Old Lake Highlands doesn’t start until after Lake Highlands Drive. You can see Casa Linda Shopping Center from the Peavy & Garland intersection, so I guess that’s still part of the hood. I’d say anything behind the Texas Trap would be venturing into Lochwood territory.

  • allison

    P.S. I think it’s remiss to say a bar will going in. That area is still dry. The turning Dallas “wet” did not truly do that. Yes, it made it possible for convenience stores and grocery stores to sell beer and wine, but it did not change the areas from dry to wet. You still cannot have bars or liquor stores in the dry areas. Whatever goes in as a “bar” will still have to be 51%+ in food. goodfriend will be a restaurant, not a bar. Otherwise TABC will string them by their toes.

    That said, the whole area sucked when I grew up there. My grandmother lives there now and we usually eat around my house in Lakewood because of her lack of options. When I was growing up, we had Braum’s and that was it. Now if we could just upgrade the old Fina.

  • Sammy

    It would be interesting if these changes don’t influence/improve the strip mall across the street behind the Walgreens.

    And allison is right – that Fina/tax office/check cashing/whatever is a disgrace.

  • rich graham

    @Sammy, that “Fina/tax office/check cashing/whatever” serves the neighborhood well, and is run by fine people. It’s not a fancy ass QT or Racetrack, but it fits the spot.

    You’ve probably never been in there.