Kelly Hightower Leaves Nova For Dallas Restaurant Group

I’d heard the rumor and reached out to Kelly Hightower for a comment and some details, but Cravedfw has the story. Apparently, the boisterous chef will now be in charge of Dallas Restaurant Group’s Wild Salsa, the seemingly endless project under construction at the Merc. (It’s located in an historical building and one can only imagine the permit process.)


  • Krista Nightengale

    I walk past Wild Salsa every day. I’ve seen the guys out there working well past midnight. I asked them the latest they had worked. One guy told me they were out there until 3 a.m. I have friends who live above the restaurant, and while they’re not annoyed, I have heard rumors that the person right above them moved out and has taken legal action. I’m excited to see a new restaurant downtown. But it’s taking forever (there was a plan at one point to have it open for the Super Bowl).

  • yeah…um

    NOOO! Kelly IS Nova…this can’t be good. Hopefully, he has a good replacement.

  • Guiso Poached

    OMG!!! Chef Kelly has done it again!

  • Purdy

    Punched himself right out of a partnership, did he? Whoa Kelly! Thick as thieves, these nutty chef’s and their ilk.

  • Phatty McGee

    Nothing against Kelly but his heads been outta the nova game for a minute now. Maybe nova used to be Kelly Hightower but I’m hoping for bigger and better things for both him and the guys at nova. Best of luck guys!

    Oh, if you’re reading this, bring back the wild mushroom bread pudding from a couple of weeks ago.

  • chef andrew

    If it looks like a bar and it smells it a bar it must be a Bar !To bad Hightowers partners turned his dining destination kavala and turned it into a bar. his food deserves a better venue….let that man go make some money …go chef

  • krs1

    I do like how chefs stick together. Seems Andy has forgotten what kavala smelled like. The smell of a bar is much better than what is was. And hey!! At least the partners have a/c n heat!