Dee Lincoln’s Cedar Springs Bubble Bar Preview Party. An Evening in Pictures.

Deel Lincoln's bubble-themed chandeliers. (photo by Sarah Reiss)

Here’s what you need to know about Dee Lincoln’s second Tasting Room & Bubble Bar:

Two levels, Cedar Springs, yummy flatbread, pillows that feel like silky lamb’s fur, loads of reflective surfaces, excellent bubble-themed chandeliers, many many Park Cities babes in booty accentuating get-ups, wine dispensaries, valet, outdoor patio.


jump to check out some pics…Beautiful people (left), cozy corners (right). (photos by Sarah Reiss)

Outdoor patio (left), the view from the second floor mezzanine (right). (photos by Sarah Reiss)


  • Kelly

    It was a great night with wonderful wine and a beautiful setting!

  • Carla

    Where is the new Tasting Room exactly? I looked up the website and it wasn’t listed on there yet. When does it officially open?