Chef John Tesar to Appear on Extreme Chef

We’ve followed chef John Tesar from the refined confines of the Rosewood Mansion to a cocktail den in South Side to upscale burger joint in One Arts Plaza. It only seems logical go travel along with him to a mountain in the wilderness. Huh? Ever the clever chef, Tesar is, once again, letting his freak flag fly. How high? Tesar is not spilling details other than he will be competing on a new Food Network show called Extreme Chef. He could be killing a live rattlesnake for breakfast or cooking a rabbit on a car engine, both of which I would pay to see live (especially the visual of this nerdy black glasses steaming up over a steaming radiator). But we’ll all have to wait until the show debuts on June 30.

The premise: “Each episode pushes three chefs to their physical and mental limits as they must adjust to extreme conditions and unpredictable curveballs such as swimming across a lake for ingredients and using a car engine as a makeshift stove.” The victorious chef pockets $10 grand which, after taxes, might be $5,000. Whatever, soon we have yet another Dallas chef on TV. I hope Tesar wins. He could flaunt his victory over Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern.

The first time I watched the trailer below, I thought it was a joke. It’s not. It’s reality. Excuse me while I open a can of Sterno for lunch.



  • Andrew Chalk

    It”s Andrew Zimmern. Get with the frame.

  • foodiepiglet

    Cook a live rattlesnake for breakfast?! That sounds awesome! Wonder how these chefs can whip up a meal with these circumstances…can’t wait to see this!

  • Shark goes jumpy jumpy

  • Winston

    Nancy – you’re so damn funny. So are you, Doyle. Remember when Tesar thought the Dallas dining public was too unsophisticated to “get” his food. Who’s unsophisticated now? But he visual image of the glasses fogging up over the radiator is hysterical.

  • Jane

    Winston is a jerk.

  • TLS

    You know the part where the female chef says “this is ridiculous”? What she said.

  • CB

    Maybe he should focus on fixing the crappy service at the Commissary rather than going on adventures.

  • Maria

    this is hilarious. Service definitely sucked, but i went last night and it was for sure better

  • JB

    Why does everything have to be so “extreme” these to be interesting. Is o stressful. I mean some days I feel like it would be fulfilling just to sit quietly and watch a “Hungry Man” TV dinner bake in the oven. Maybe its nostalgia, but I actually crave the desert portion.

  • JB

    Well, I guess it does take talent to blog. Typing skill appear to be important.

  • adkim


  • EMC

    Hooked already! Can wait to see what these chefs get thrown their way!

  • Jeffro

    Dude, this show does look pretty sweet. Forget all the haters. I’d like to see them do anything HALF as extreme as these guys! Do your thing Extreme Chef! I’ll watch!

  • honesty

    Uggg….. Am I the only one that thinks someone is grabbing at straws here? This show looks like the last place any respectable Chef would be. Tesar took the only opportunity available to him in TV. I actually feel sorry for this guy. Why do you need this Food Network crap? Oh yeah, ego.

  • fasttrack

    This looks sick!! Looking forward to it.

  • fasttrack

    This looks sick! Looking forward to seeing the stuff they will come up with.