Calling Sharon Hage! Calling all Dallas Pastry Chefs! It’s Rhubarb Time!

I’m in the mood for a good rhubarb buckle. I know, that request could go in a lot of different directions, but for the purpose of this professional blog, let’s consider it a request for a baked good. Who has a recipe? Spill it, Twinkletoes.


  • Kirk

    TG’s rhubarb crisp is, by far, the best I’ve eaten. But then again, it is the only one I have eaten. If she had only used pecans instead of almonds…

  • bluebird

    what a fabulous topic! i saw that David Uygur at Lucia has been using rhubarb in his desserts for the past few weeks – must try

  • bigtex

    Homemade strawberry rhubarb pie at the AllGood

  • DGirl

    The new pastry chef at The Mansion has a strawberry rhubarb tart thing with sour cream sorbet. Seriously good.