Buzzbrews Coming to Deep Ellum. So long, Cowboy Chow.

Word on the street is that the Deep Ellum/Commerce St. location of Cowboy Chow is being taken over by D’s Best Breakfast favorite, Buzzbrews. In fact, this weekend is the Chow’s last one in that location. Look for Buzzbrews to start slinging their hash to downtown brunchers, the 2 am Adair’s crowd, and hungover hipsters sometime in July.


  • TheDangerNation

    One of my fave places to eat in the neighborhood, sucks they’re closing down. Any reason given by the staff for the closure? As much as I like new business in Ellum, I’m not excited that BB is moving in though, I like their coffee, just the food has left something to be desired. I’d rather have something along the lines of a late night chinese joint down there that does Dim Sum on weekends or a greek diner that makes great cheeseburgers and gravy-covered fries..

  • Gipson

    I’ll miss eating there before catching shows at Trees and the Prophet Bar. It was definitely a favorite of mine in Deep Ellum.

    Of course, now that Cane Rosso is in town…