Anybody Have a Cure For the Mid-Afternoon Slump?

Trailercakes within arm's reach.

Here it is, 2:30 on a Tuesday and my energy level is so low that it’s somewhere down on the 20th floor. I’ve eaten a balanced diet today, so I know this isn’t a sugar crash (although that Nutter Butter I pinched from the top of Rhonda’s peanut butter & jelly Trailercakes cupcake didn’t help). I’ve walked around the block, gotten some fresh air, and visited with the clever kids in the art department; all to no avail. I’m starting to eye up the RedBull fridge (yes, we have a separate refrigerator just for RedBull).

My brother swears that eating five almonds very slowly does the trick for him; my friend Jo tells me to keep a baggie of chocolate covered espresso beans handy.

How about you. Any wisdom to share? Anyone? Anyone? Those cupcakes are looking mighty tempting.