In-N-Out Burger: Opening in Frisco and Allen Wednesday

The altar is up. Prepare to worship.

Kellyn Curtis is reporting that the In-N-Out Burger locations in Frisco and Allen will open on Wednesday. She got an email from Carl Van Fleet, the head dude at In-N-Out so I guess they will open on Wednesday.

However, I went out to Frisco this morning and talked to a corporate person who said “sometime this week” about 20 times. I introduced myself to a nice man with a nice Southern Californian tan and told him I was too old to drive to Frisco every morning to see if they were opening. He smiled and said, “All I can say is sometime this week.” I offered him money. “No, I can’t take that. It’s sometime this week.” I asked him if he was in fact Carl Van Fleet. He said, “No, Carl will be here sometime this week.” By the time I got back to the office, Miss Kellyn had an email from Carl Van Fleet. So, all I learned is that the guy I was talking to was not Carl Van Fleet because he didn’t have a phone on him.

Jump for my photo essay.

Squeaky clean in Frisco.

(left) The talk box is ready. Signage? Not so much. (right) The Inside from outside.
(left) The trash cans are clean and ready for your trash. (right) Very SoCal landscaping.