Wolfgang Puck Offers Cinco de Mayo Tip

Everyday I get bizarre misguided press releases. So far this morning I’ve already received an invitation to a ribbon cutting for a new health care facility, a request to interview a Girl Scout leader, and a plug for a cookbook which “conjures up spellbinding recipes from the Harry Potter Series.” I generally delete them and go about my day. However, every once in a while something catches my eye and ticks me off.  Like this one:

Jump and growl.

Hi Nancy,

If you are working on any stories for Cinco de Mayo, please consider my client Wolfgang Puck Signature Tortilla soup. This recipe, now available to consumers everywhere, is based on a dish Chef Puck serves in his own restaurants. The organic vegetable stock, organic tomatoes, corn and peppers along with tortilla flour are a perfect blend for the festive occasion and only costs $2.50 (MSRP) at your local grocery store!

Serve on its own or with any of your favorite additions such as tortilla chips, salsa, cheese, sour cream and guacamole. If you are entertaining, take a suggestion from Chef Puck himself who says there’s no shame in passing partially store-bought dishes off as your own creations. Wolfgang says, “To entertain like a chef, be smart – don’t spend all of your time cooking. Use one of my soups, hide the can and say you did it all yourself. You have to cheat a little, it’s ok!”

Please let me know if you have any questions, are interested in a Wolfgang Puck Soup giveaway or would like to receive a sample of Wolfgang Puck Signature Tortilla soup.

Really? It’s “based on a dish Chef Puck serves?” Doesn’t Chef Puck have enough money already. The last hotel I stayed in had a coffee maker and coffee with Wolfgang Puck’s mug on them.  But asking a publicist to write e-mails like the one above just makes me tired. What are the odds Chef Puck really said “to entertain like a chef, be smart—don’t spend your time cooking.”

Am I being too critical?


  • Senor

    Puck likely knows nothing of what his PR folks are up to. That’s what minions are for.

  • Avid Eater

    You lost me at “Hi Nancy”. Poor Wolf. He really needs the money, doesn’t he?

  • slade

    I can see trying to pass off canned tortilla soup in New Hampshire, but in Dallas TX, REALLY?!?!?