The Dallas Must-Do List: Tacos at Fuel City

Nicole practices her Spanish but fails to communicate with much coherency.

After a few fierce rounds of pub trivia (read: drinks) at Lee Harvey’s recently, a friend from out-of-town asked me where he could fill up his car. “Why just get gas,” I said, “When you can get gas and tacos?” So off we went to Fuel City to cross the 12th item off my list of Things Every Dallasite Must Do.

Pulling up to the oversized fueling station, I glanced at a swimming pool sitting across the parking lot. A mirage? Perhaps. Nearby, a red neon “TACOS” sign shone like a beacon. As we walked through the sliding door, a shimmering beer island greeted us — offering a prolific selection of cold ones packed in ice. This was but a minor distraction, and we made our way to the taco window.

The late-night crowd drawn to that magical "TACOS" sign.

The idea of eating at an icehouse off the interstate may be off-putting to some — but it seemed to be of little concern to the dedicated diners at the truck stop taco shop. Even at 11 p.m., we had to wait in line to place our order. It was a bit of good fortune, as it bought me some time to choose between an al pastor, picadillo, barbacoa, chicken fajita, or beef fajita taco on a corn or flour tortilla.

The tender beef fajita taco floats on a beer island.

A tough call — but I ordered the beef, corn tortilla. When my name was called, I picked up the little white Styrofoam shell and opened it to reveal a street-style taco served with a heap of fresh cilantro, chopped onions, jalapenos, a slice of lime, and some hot sauce. The beef was tender and flavorful, and the crisp toppings were its perfect complement.

I’ll definitely come back, maybe for lunch next time — and I’ll be bringing my bathing suit.

Nicole Holland Pearce is a D Magazine intern.