Somebody Help This Poor Girl: London and Bath

This lucky gal with a husband and two tickets to London writes:

My husband and I are going to England in May and would like suggestions on restaurants serving Italian, French, and Hong Kong-style Chinese. We will mostly be in London, but are also planning a trip to Bath.

I generally eat my way through Harrod’s. You must have a better plan.


  • Shannah

    I lived in London for quite a while and feel the very best Hong-Kong style Chinese food is located outside of the city center in the village of Eastcote. The restaurant is Eat Well, it’s very close (as in, less than a block away) to the Eastcote tube station.

  • Beau

    On the chinese side, you could go to Chinatown where there are good options at reasonable prices. I was at haozhan ( last month and really enjoyed it. Very close to theatres and shopping. If you are open to spending more money, I would go to Kai Mayfair ( which is a Michelin Star restaurant. On the French side, I liked Le Colombier ( in Chelsea which has a nice neighborhood feel to it. If you are looking for a bit of Italian and French together, you could go to Quaglino’s ( in Mayfair. A bit over the top but good food.

  • Rebross

    I also enjoy Harrod’s, but last time we were there, my husband had a temper-tantrum (doesn’t like shopping) and then walked outside a was splashed by a bus – doesn’t make for pleasant memories, at least where he’s concerned.

  • mal

    Try Julies in Holland Park, has a classic feel to it,great bar and great food–you will love it and while in London try some take out Indian Food on Salisbury Rd Queens Park –best indian food ever

  • Emily Mc

    GRAN PARADISO for Italian!!!! My hotel, the Park Place Victoria, recommended it. It was just down the street.

    Right there in the theatre district. Best bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese I have ever had if I’m being honest. Family owned joint with cheap wine.

  • Andrew Chalk

    Most reliable, best researched guide to London restaurants is

    Also, for current foodie recommendations.

  • Sausage on a stick

    Why not take a risk and try some of the excellent local sourced English restaurants. You are heading to England after all! I second Mr. Chalk’s guide recommendations.

  • Rebross

    I will!