Somebody Help This Poor Boss Out By Building the Perfect Eating Day

Here’s an email I received this afternoon. Let’s help this guy out:

Hi D folks. I see that people send you questions, so I thought I’d give it a try. I’m trying to hire this guy from another city.  The company is flying him in for a final interview next week. I know he has other offers, so I want to sweeten the deal by showing him that Dallas has restaurants that will blow his mind. Problem is, we only get one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner with him before he flies out again. Where should we take him? It doesn’t need to be fancy. But it should make him say WOW! Even if it’s a taco joint. I want to show him what we do best. The office is pretty centrally located in town, so no neighborhood is off limits. Any ideas?

I love this question. Build your perfect eating day.