She’s Beat and Too Tired To Think About What to Eat. Somebody Help This Poor Girl Out!

A friend called me this weekend with a mighty plea:

After many months of looking, much saving, and even a little groveling, Trent and I have finally purchased a house. It’s a beaut. Well, not yet, but it has serious potential. All it needs is a lot of elbow grease and a lot of vision. In week-one, I scraped four layers of wallpaper off the kitchen walls. In week two, I scraped four layers of wallpaper off the hallway and bedroom. In week three…well, you get the picture. The bottom line is that, by then end of every 12-hour shift, I am both extremely happy—and extremely hungry.

The problem is twofold: I’ve DIY’d myself into both exhaustion and some pretty significant tendonitis, otherwise I’d whip up a batch of my go-to rigatoni. But both my and Trent’s whip-up hands are smollen and on the fritz. But they are still capable of dialing the phone. Unfortunately, I don’t know my new neighborhood at all.

Please ask your readers to help me find the best takeout for these evenings when I am so exhausted I can barely see straight. Just tell me who to call and what to order.

So, SideDishers, it’s our duty to help this poor girl out. The neighborhood is Spring Valley and Hillcrest. Ready, set, suggest!


  • El Fatfish on Spring Valley and Coit for very delicious tacos, open till 9 or 10 daily.

  • Bethany

    There are several pretty decent restaurants along Preston, between Spring Valley and Arapaho. And for desert? Snow cones at Arapaho and Coit.

  • air

    On the subject of tacos, Supermercado El Rancho is on the corner of Coit/Spring Valley. Their food court’s in-house taqueria has one of the best renditions of al pastor in town and there are fresh torts made at the tortilleria next to it. Besides tacos, the food court has various other specials, and they also have a cremeria as well as an an aguas frescas stand. All around pretty kickass place to go.

    Zituna World Market is another specialty store nearby that focuses on Mediterranean goods, and they also have a restaurant in house:

    You are also not far from Richardson and many, many more options open up if you head in that direction:
    -Bambu is nearby UTD on Coit/Campbell and IMO they are the most interesting Thai restaurant in the area right now. Check the thread on Chowhound for in depth discussion and here’s a writeup from a dinner there:

    Other options include:
    -Head down Belt Line east of 75 and take your pick from the Asian restaurants there (First Chinese, Royal Sichuan, Maxim, King’s Noodles etc).
    -Campbell east of 75 for Russo’s, Twisted Root, etc.

  • Scott

    Pappasito’s Sp. V and 75 does a great fajita to go. Bone Daddys @ same intersection for BBQ. If you can find world market on Floyd Circle, you can pick up a chicken Biryani for a few bucks that is plenty for 2, and pick up some samosas and petts for later. If they happen to have some kibbe grab some and freeze. There’s plenty of other stuff to stock up on for quick meals. First Chinese BBQ at Greenville and Belt Line (Main) is a hidden gem.

  • Amy S

    Cowboy Chicken, on Preston just north of Campbell. I order whole chicken and throw the leftovers in a pot for soup. Do not miss the potatoes. In fact, it’s worth going if only for the potatoes.

    Goff’s Hamburgers is on the SW corner of Preston/Forest.

    Asian Mint (Forest at Central) delivers, almost everything there is great.

  • jen

    There are a ton of restaurants at Belt Line and the Tollway. Flying Fish is excellent for take out. There’s also Houston’s, The great Outdoors, Cyclone Anaya’s, Le Madeleine….many choices.

  • HK

    Noodle Wave at Spring Valley and Coit. BEST Thai Food for miles. Better yet it is BYOB and open late and super casual. You could even go in your DIY clothes and be fine. Promise. You will love this one. And if you get tired of the DIY gig, I happen to know a great builder/remodeler…

  • JoJo

    Guys I think she is looking for delivery options. When I lived off Preston Rd in N Dallas, I used to wear out the Campbell Rd location of Campisi’s. Pizza, pasta, and their yummy Crab Claws. I can’t seem to remember the Asian places I used to order from. Somebody else surly knows of some current ones up there.

  • Randy

    And don’t call me surly…

  • Hiccup

    Good delivery: Afrah for Mediterranean. Aboca’s for Italian.

  • How about Honey Girl Kitchen?

    this month is Organic spinach enchiladas. They feature a dish of the month and always use organic ingredients. They’ve paired up with Honey Crew Granola – OMG… best granola. You’ll be set for dinner AND breakfast.

  • If you’re interested in home cooking that someone else cooks, try The String Bean! It’s right around there. My family went there for years and years in the 90’s and not much has changed.