Photos From Paul Quinn College’s A Community Cooks

I’m sure there were some other Dishers out at Paul Quinn College’s A Community Cooks event last night, what with food from Bolsa, Nonna, Nova, Restaurant Ava, and more. They can probably tell you more about the “cooks” part of the title. Me? I can’t do the food justice, because I don’t eat meat and thus can only file a partial report. (Favorite thing I ate: the cheese grits from Orazio Lamanna of Cowboys Stadium, topped with sliced almonds and pickle slaw.)

But I can, and will, say the entire night was pretty special. It took place on and around PQC’s erstwhile football field, which has now been turned into a farm, producing food for the local community. (The nearest grocery store, PQC president Michael Sorrell said, is six miles away.) It’s striking walking up, seeing the goal posts standing amid plowed rows, and the bleachers have sort of a “Feral House” thing happening, as nature starts to reclaim them. And Paul Quinn as a whole seems like a place on the way back up. It certainly has the right people, especially Elizabeth Wattley, who runs the farm. More to come. After the jump, some photos from Elliott Munoz.


  • M.E.H.

    Paul Quinn College’s farm is a shining star in an area of Dallas that is often forgotten. Given the restaurants that participated in A Community Cooks, it’s clear that PQC has the capability to not only rally its immediate neighbors, but also those that are north of the Trinity. As a resident of Oak Cliff, it is a delight to see positive attention given to an institution that is often debased by the public. Kudos to Paul Quinn College! And, please, please host this again next year.

  • Amy

    That was by far the best event I’ve been to in years!!!!! Wow.

  • LNP

    As a former student of Paul Quinn, I was thrilled to learn of this particular community event. It’s impact on the community will be tremendous. I hope that it continues for years to come.

  • Elizabeth Wattley

    I am so excited about the success of the event and would like to thank everyone for helping. However, I am most thrilled with the attendance! I owe a huge thanks to publicist Lindsey Miller for a great job! We had a number of persons that were not even aware Paul Quinn existed. Thank you Lindsey for helping put Paul Quinn on the map!!!

  • joshie

    Why did a vegetarian review a chef-fueled event like this?

  • spoon18

    I was lucky enough to attend the event. The setting is incredible and inspiring and the food was delicious (personal favorite: rabbit sausage and the skirt steak tacos ). A big thank you to all the Quinnites, Elizabeth, Andrea and the chefs.

  • @joshie: I wasn’t assigned a review. Just went out as a citizen and decided to write about it.