No Matter How Good It Smells, Don’t Eat the Meat Soap

Because everybody (except Zac) loves bacon. (Photo courtesy of Meat Soap.)

Seems like our pal, “Best BBQ in Dallas” author (and creator of the Full Custom Gospel BBQ blog) Daniel Vaughn has been holding out on us. Turns out he’s been moonlighting as a savoneur. Ok, that may not be a real word, but the skinny is that the dude is part of a four-person team that recently completed a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of Meat Soap.

What? What?

Yes…a soap…made from bacon fat.

The team consists of Vaughn, a chemist, a graphic designer, and a soap-obsessed marketer  who combined their Superfriends powers to fund, design, synthesize, and hand make soaps that smell like “bacon, beef, and other delicious and delicate meats.”

“I think people might be interested in washing their hands with soapy bacon,” Vaughn says on Meat Soap’s website.

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Over the course of their Kickstarter fundraising campaign, 42 backers donated in a variety of funding levels: Tiny Bubbles ($5), Recovering Vegetarian ($15), Card-Carrying Carnivore ($35), Super Soap Suds ($100), Meat Soap Glorious Patron ($250), and Benevolent bather ($400). At the end of the campaign, on February 23, the Meat Soap campaign exceeded its $1,500 goal, with patrons donating $1,905 in seed money.

Once the piggy-themed molds arrived, the team started rendering and shipping their sudsy bi-product (as well as t-shirts and stickers). They even held a Meat Soap Meat Up at the Katy Trail Ice House on April 15.

Where were we? At home, doing our taxes, that’s where. Had we only known! (Shake haymaker at the sky.)

So, the real question is, did anyone out there make it to the Meat Up? We’re dying to know about this soap. Oh, and Daniel, drop a sister a line next time. That Meat Up sounds like it must have been way more fun than alternately cursing at weeping at the IRS.

And I’m guessing you’re dying to place an order. Go here to do just that.