Jazz and Half-Price Wine on Wednesdays at Park

Quick news: This Wednesday night (that’s tomorrow) marks the kick-off of Wednesday-night, half-price wine and jazz nights at Park.

Stay tuned…and if you go, let us know how it is.


  • I remember when this was my favorite place.
    Grilled cheese was top notch, their ‘dads sunday chicken’ was unreal and their brunch was killer.
    NOW? its like every other place for the douchiest of Dallas trash to park their hummers.
    Jazz night? really? smh.

    I should open my own grilled cheese place.

  • Alberto

    Must be needing business. I suspected that a new chef wouldn’t be enough to revive this place. Ill-conceived from the get go…too much ego and not enough concentration on the food!

  • Garreth

    For “king of hangs”…………When insulting our customers, by calling them douchebags, please use your real name, perhaps even your phone number. I would love to call you and give you a piece of my mind. A courtesy you did not give me.

  • Amy

    Cool. 1/2 price wine & jazz night. I’ll go for sure!

  • Jenny

    Garreth – I have not been to your restaurant since last year, and the Wed. jazz and half off wine is a great excuse to go check it out again. It would be nice if there were some information on your website about it. As of right now, there is no mention of a promotional jazz night, half off wine, or even a wine menu. Just a suggestion!

  • cbs

    Sorry, this place hit my rule of 3- three bad meals or service and I am out.

    I will say that 1/2 price wine is enticing to give it one more shot before completely black listing it.

    It still is a beautiful spot. Wish the food/service matched the decor.

  • Monica

    I had become unimpressed with the service and food at Park and expected it to soon be a loss to the Dallas restaurant scene despite the unique environment.
    Sunday evening we tried it again after hearing about the new Chef in the kitchen. We were pleased with the new menu options though we weren’t inspired the the full dinner options, each of our small plates was good and we were WOWED by the jalapeno mac. The specialty drinks were well balanced (in a REALLY GOOD way!), and the service left nothing to be desired.
    I am looking forward to going back to Park again and expecting that the quality and consistency that it was lacking before will be the new norm in what promises to be a great go-to dining spot.

  • Cathy

    My husband and I went last night. I didn’t realize they had gotten a new chef- but I could tell. The food was so much better than it used to be- I felt there were more (and less greasy). Didn’t see the jazz? Also had to make a point of asking our waitress about the half price wine bc it was never mentioned. I feel much better about this place now- but I agree with Jenny- if you are going to do the wednesday night promotion I would advertise it better.

  • manfredmannsearthband

    for me when I read the reviews, if there is a constant theme of bad service

    I would not try it as good food and the meal would be ruined by bad service

    could the guests have been bad?

    but there are so many places that are above avg food and even better service I dont want to take a chance and waste $$

    just saying

  • XV

    I used to go to Park (or Bar Celine) just to get the amazing Sweet & Salty pizza – creamy Boursin, crispy prosciutto, bits of dried apricot and fresh basil. Of course when they changed chefs they took this off the menu – sigh. Menu is much less imaginative and rather boring now – went a couple weeks and had trouble deciding what to order because nothing sounded very interesting. We did have rillettes with crostini for an app which was great but I think that’s since been taken off the menu. Service was terrible – we were practically ignored by our server, had to flag him down to get more drinks, ask for a dessert menu, etc. No excuse for that really.

  • Amy

    Tried the place again after reading about new menu and new chef. Really enjoyed the new menu , especially the lamb meatballs and hummus as well as the flatbread, scallops & duck.