Eating Lebanon: The Adventures of Chef Chad Houser, Randy Potts, and Chef Kamal Mouzawak

Here is a photo essay of Chad, Randy, and Kamal’s first day in Beirut.

Chef Chad Houser and Chef Kamal Mouzawak tete-a-tete at Souk el Tayeb market.

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Selling honey at the market. Photo by Chad Houser.
The market founded by Kamal: Souk el Tayeb. Photo by Randy Potts.
In front of Beirut's first wine bar on opening night. It sells Lebanese wines exclusively. Chad is in center rear, Kamal to Chad's left.
The manoushe lady at the market. Manoushe are like small breakfast pizzas. They have been made on these grills for thousands of years. Photo by Chad Houser
At Tawlet, Kamal's restaurant in Beirut. Parigi has an open kitchen, but at Tawlet there is literally no distinction between kitchen and restaurant. It's all one. Photo by Chad Houser.