Eat This Now: Brown-bag Apple Pie at The Place at Perry’s in Dallas

Brown-bag apple pie at The Place at Perry's.

Dishers, please welcome Daniel Walker to SideDish. Dan has a nifty new blog, deepinthegutof texas, and he has agreed to write a segment called “Eat This Now,” a weekly ode to one of his favorite foods or meals in Dallas. Today he makes me hungry by writing about one of my favorite desserts in town. Read it and eat.

Everyone knows that there is nothing more American than apple pie. After one taste of the brown-bag apple pie at The Place at Perry’s, I instantly felt the desire to watch a baseball game, tattoo my arm with a picture of a bald eagle, buy a Ford truck, and run for Senate.  Ablaze with patriotism, I quickly realized, this is no ordinary apple pie. While the menu at The Place is chock full of exemplary items, it is this dessert that wins my heart over time and time again.

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As you may have guessed, it is undoubtedly the brown bag cooking process that elevates this pie to rock-star status. Encasing the pie in a porous brown bag allows it to simultaneously bake and steam, giving it a resultant texture that truly sets this pie apart from your grandma’s old Thanksgiving stand-by. The golden crust is delicate and crisp, while the steaming process magically creates a creamy apple filling with a texture somewhat reminiscent of a warm bread pudding as it blends in effortlessly with the surrounding crust. Served up piping hot, each mouthful reveals a whirlwind of textures and flavors you never knew were possible with apple pie. It’s a beautiful thing, folks.  A generous caramel drizzle and gentle dusting of cinnamon finishes off the dish…and need I even advise you order this beauty a la mode?

The Place at Perry’s brown-bag apple pie is quite possibly the greatest pie to have ever graced my lips.  I mean, if this thing was a supermodel, it would be Pie-di Klum. If it were a boxer, it would be Pie-ke Tyson.  In fact, you could probably just tell your server you would like an order of “Her Royal Pie-ness,” and they’ll know what you mean.  Just go try it, you will not be disappointed.


  • Tim R

    Great job. Makes me want to get back to the BIG D and wrap my teeth around some pie.

  • We love The Place at Perry’s! Service always great, wonderful clubby type atmosphere. We had the apple pie a couple of weeks ago and it really was excellent. Personally prefer Blue Bell a la mode but the pie itself made up.

    I seem to recall some outstanding calamari also – super tender… And their steaks are excellent.

  • Josh

    Better get it now. They will be closed soon. Rumor is they are trying to move locations, but “The Place” always seams dead to me

  • Fuzz

    Awesome review; tempting me to go NOW. Wish I had a slice in front of me at this moment. DROOL !!!

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