Dimples Cupcakes Makes a Comeback With New Owner Mark Aguirre

I should have put a question mark on that headline for I don’t know the whole story, I only copy and pasted what I read on Dimples’ Facebook page. It sez:

We are proud to Formally Announce that as of Today, We Have Passed The Ball To
Mark Aguirre, 2 Time NBA Champion and his business partner Keith Fluellen. Many
changes will be made, however One Thing Will Remain The Same..THE CUPCAKES Mark Aguirre will soon announce all the exciting details. We wish Mark and his Team
great success. …Thank You DFW

Well, there’s another American entrepreneurial success story for the books.


  • April B.

    So they’re going to continue to use store bought cupcake mix? I don’t get it.

  • Robin

    Good lord, why would Aguirre get involved in this mess?

    Love their crazy capitalization (by “love”, I mean “loathe”).

  • Margaret

    Is this Dimples thing going to ever END!?

  • Marcus

    Was is it a dimples cupcake that sent Mark to the hospital recently?

  • April B. said it! if the cupcakes are going to stay the same then they better keep their location near Albertsons, where else can you find that much Pillsbury mix?

    also let’s call them “bowlcakes”

  • Elizabeth Bair

    @Creth Davis Funny you mention Albertson’s because Dimples was at the West Village location two weeks ago selling cupcakes out of their van in the parking lot (they claim it was the same van that had the creep little girl and cupcake wrapper and they took it off). One of the original owners, Bryan, was selling cupcakes and there was someone in the back of the van who was telling him what to say to me. http://blogs.dallasobserver.com/cityofate/2011/04/revolving_doors_spring_has_spr.php

  • bluebird

    Wow, way to bust in and drop a link

  • Chris

    Agreed with Robin – the assault on basic grammatical rules in that release makes me somehow hate Dimples even more.

  • Twinwillow

    People are still eating cupcakes? I thought we were supposed to be on to moonpies now.

  • YES

    I know the mix is store bought but the cupcakes are great. They taste better then most of the cupcake shop out today. The lemon and banana pudding cupcake are GREAT!!!

  • Goodness

    I agree with some of you. The cupcakes were great. I was a faithful customer weekly. I haven’t purchased any since they closed the stores, but that’s because I have no idea where they are cooking them. Anyway hopefully the new owner is true and Mark and Keith will open a location soon. I will be there pronto. I will keep looking for the update. GO DIMPLES!