Dave Faries Shuts Down Critic’s Guide

As one of my favorite comics Martin Mull used to say, “Let’s not say au revoir, let’s just say hors d’oeuvres.” This morning Dave Faries, creator of Critic’s Guide, writes:

We’re still tweaking the information and accounting for the ebb and flow of restaurant life—closures, openings, new chefs and so on. But the arrival of the Fearless Critic guide to Dallas-Fort Worth allows me to shut down the current iteration of Critic’s Guide and start work on a revamp. It should be fun.
Dave, I still owe you $7.


  • Mark L

    CraveDFW = WINNING!

  • Uppercase Matt

    I’m sure I’d have checked out CG more than once a month or so if they’d just had an RSS feed to let me know there was something to check out.

  • what Matt said

  • Mike

    If Dave hadn’t been such an ass at the Observer I’d give a crap.